UEFA fines Serbian FA €14,500 and Albanian FA €37,375

The UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body has decided to fine the Serbian and Albanian Football Associations after launching disciplinary proceedings in connection with the events at the European Championship football matches in Germany.

In the first round of matches, Serbia played against England on Sunday, and Albania played against Italy the day before.

For Kosovo and Serbian public, these two days of the European Championship were marked by incidents, nationalist symbols, provocations, complaints.

UEFA announced that it launched disciplinary proceedings against Albania for throwing objects on the field, lighting fireworks, invading the field of play and transmitting provocative messages not fit for sports events.

The charges brought against the Football Association of Serbia are throwing objects and transmission of provocative messages.

No specific details of the incidents were given in either case.

The decision published last night by UEFA states that their control, ethics and disciplinary body has decided to fine the Football Association of Albania a total of 37,375 euros:

10,000 euros for lighting fireworks, 12,375 euros for throwing objects, 5,000 euros for invading the field and 10,000 euros for provocative messages.

When it comes to Serbia, it was fined a total of 14,500 euros, i.e. 4,500 for throwing objects and 10,000 euros for transmitting provocative messages that are not fit for a sports event.

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