Two vehicles burned in Lesak, arson suspected

FOTO: Ilustracija

Two cars were burned in Lesak this morning. The police suspect arson, the spokesperson of the Kosovo Police for the North Region, Branislav Radovic confirmed for KoSSev.

Two vehicles – a white Pasat with Sabac license plates and a gray Reno Megan with Belgrade license plates, both owned by T.S. (1975) from Novi Pazar – caught fire this morning at about 4 o’clock, in Braca Matovic street in Lesak.

A fire unit quickly came to the scene and contained the fire. The investigating police officer from Leposavic police station, a forensic expert and a regional investigating police officer were also present at the scene.

Radovic said both vehicles sustained „total material damage“.

The complainant gave a statement at the police station – he added.

The prosecutor on duty registered this case as arson and an investigation is ongoing.

Radovic could not confirm the unofficial information that the Serbian MIA had already issued a warrant for the complainant and that he is allegedly a member of one of the security formations.

The latest car arson case in the North took place in mid-May this year in Zubin Potok. The vehicle, owned by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare in the Kosovo government and Srpska Lista member, Milos Perovic, was torched on May 18th in the center of the municipality.

Previously, in April, also in Zubin Potok (Donji Jasenovik), a bomb was thrown into a courtyard, where several cars belonging the same family were located. On that occasion, six cars were damaged, as well as a nearby building belonging to a Serbian KP police officer. Also, in March, a car was set on fire in Strpce.

With the exception of the bomb case, this is the 43rd case of torching of a vehicles in Serb-populated areas since 2014. See the full list of car torchings HERE.



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