Two sides of the same story: KP on obstructing officers, Jakšić speaks of physical abuse and announces lawsuit against special forces

Ilustracija/FOTO: KoSSev

After being detained by special units and interrogated for several hours at the Kosovo Police station in Zubin Potok, an activist of the civic initiative „Za Zubin Potok“, Milentije Jakšić, was released last night. The police charge Jakšić with the criminal offense of obstructing an official while on duty, in turn, the activist accuses the police of mistreatment, and physical abuse, adding that they belittled and humiliated him. Furthermore, he announced a complaint to the Kosovo Police Inspectorate and a lawsuit against special units.

Members of the border police detained Jakšić yesterday morning near the Brnjak crossing, alleging that, upon entering Kosovo territory, he pulled over near the base of the border unit, where he displayed „aggressive“ behavior and „yelled“ at the officers.

Shortly after his detainment, the police told KoSSev that Jakšić allegedly resisted arrest, while the officers „only used the necessary physical force to bring him under control.“

On the other hand, the leader of the civic initiative „Za Zubin Potok“, Milija Biševac, told KoSSev yesterday, before the release of Jakšić, that he was allegedly beaten and had visible injuries.

In the meantime, Jakšić confirmed the same allegations for KoSSev and shared contradictory claims of the events surrounding his detainment in comparison to the Kosovo Police.

The „Za Zubin Potok“ activist submitted to KoSSev the police record of his interrogation.

He told the police that he entered the territory of Kosovo in a van at around 10:00 a.m. via Brnjak crossing and that he stopped for a short time at a nearby restaurant, located near the crossing, and then continued towards Zubin Potok.

As Jakšić told the police, an armored blue vehicle of the special units of the Kosovo Police soon stopped in front of him, in the middle of the road, and blocked traffic.

„I pulled over next to the police vehicle and a police officer in a blue uniform with an automatic rifle got out from the passenger seat,“ Jakšić said.

He added that the police officer did not introduce himself, nor did he specify the reason why they decided to pull him over. Instead, the officer reportedly asked Jakšić for his ID and driver’s license in Albanian, and reportedly physically attacked him after Jakšić noted that he doesn’t understand Albanian and that he speaks Serbian.

„He immediately opened the door, pulled me out of the vehicle, and twisted my arm behind my back to handcuff me. At that moment, another policeman also approached, he grabbed my right hand and handcuffed me, and on that occasion, while they were talking, they started hitting me on the head. One of them hit me twice on the left side in the area of the ear with his fist, the other policeman hit me once, and then one more time. At that point, I was surprised by what was happening, I said that I was a colleague, and he hit me again harder on the side of my head,“ said Jakšić during the interrogation.

He claims that the officers then took him behind the car, positioned him down on the ground and called the patrol.

Jakšić also says that one of the officers then allegedly said to his colleague – „Chetnik monkey“, and that the latter responded with – „monkey“.

A police patrol soon arrived and transported him to the police base near Brnjak.

During the drive over, they searched him, while Jakšić also testified that one of the police officers allegedly „hit him in the back of the head with his right hand and pushed his head against the seat.“

They brought him into the office of the base near Brnjak, where they searched his backpack and the van the other officers drove there.

Jakšić says that he was not issued a certificate about the searches that were carried out and that at the same time, the search of the vehicle was carried out without the presence of witnesses.

He also claims that the officers in this base allegedly threw toilet paper at him, and „pulled his hair“ and hit him.

„He stood up and hit me on the head with his fist from above, I was silent the entire time,“ Jakšić told the police.

Jakšić was then brought to the police station in Zubin Potok, after which he was taken to a hospital in South Mitrovica, where he was examined by a doctor.

What did the doctors say?

Jakšić told KoSSev that the doctors in the south „didn’t diagnose anything“, adding that he then went to the North Mitrovica Hospital Center, where, as he claims, injuries to his neck and head were confirmed, including a ruptured eardrum.

In the medical report from this center that Jakšić submitted to KoSSev, it is stated that he was examined by a surgeon and an orthopedist.

It also specified that his right eardrum was ruptured, but also that a conductive hearing impairment was confirmed and that an exam revealed a hematoma.

Police: He refused to stop, resisted arrest, scratched his own face, allegations Jakšić denies

According to the record of the interrogation that was submitted to us, during the interrogation at the police station in Zubin Potok, Jakšić answered the questions posed by the officers, based on the report of the policemen who detained him.

Addressing the moment when he was pulled over, Jakšić said that the members of the Special Units spoke to him only in Albanian and that he did not ask them why they don’t speak Serbian „with a raised tone“.

He denied the officers’ claims that they told him to turn off the vehicle and pull over.

„The officers stated in their report that you did not comply with their orders to turn off the vehicle and stop and that they were forced to turn off the vehicle to prevent the threat it posed to them. What do you have to say about this?“ – reads one of the questions posed to Jakšić.

He also denied allegations that he refused to comply with the officers’ requests and that he resisted physically and even pushed one officer during the arrest.

„It is an absolute lie so that they can defend themselves because of the things they did,“ Jakšić claims.

At the same time, the police officers wrote in the report that Jakšić, after being taken to the Brnjak base where his handcuffs were removed, allegedly „tried to scratch his own face.“

However, he vehemently denied these allegations.

„I believe that because of such statements, they should be held criminally responsible – for giving a false statement while on duty,“ said Jakšić.

Complaint to PIK and lawsuit against police officers

In a statement for KoSSev, Jakšić announced a lawsuit against members of the Special Units of the Kosovo Police. At the same time, he revealed that he would file a complaint with the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo.

He believes that the officials treated him in this way because of his ethnicity.

„Very unprofessional behavior, belittling, insulting and humiliating, as if I am not a human being, and my impression is that it is because I am a Serb,“ says Jakšić.

In the end, he stated that he is not the first Serb in the north of Kosovo to complain about the actions of special units.

„I want this physical and any other violence against innocent citizens to stop immediately,“ concluded Jakšić.

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