TV Most: Scandalous – Serbs snitched on Serbs in the north of KiM!


Source: TV Most; Translation provided by KoSSev

After Pristina’s position in international circles was shaken, following daily pressure to abolish the taxes on Serbian products, the repression of Kosovo institutions against Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija continues in the field in order to demonstrate the force and intimidate the Serbian people.

After several intrusions of special police units in the north of Kosovo and the detention of Serbs, Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj got directly involved in the campaign via his Facebook page today by threating prominent entrepreneurs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, who refused to raise the price of food products and thus showed solidarity with the citizens after the introduction of anti-civilized taxes.

Haradinaj wrote on Facebook that the emptying of shops, where there are no basic goods from Serbia, was a plan prepared by „certain people in the North – which the Government of Kosovo was informed about.“

„Based on this information, we discovered that the plan was organized by Rados Petrovic, Goran Vlaskovic, Bojan Jaksic-Cojo, Slavisa Stanic, and Radule Stevic. According to sources of Kosovo’s security mechanisms, this organization will be assisted by logistics and other forms by the so-called ‘Civil Protection’ in the north, led by Stevo Pavicevic. We will not stand with our hands crossed when faced with these tendencies of destabilization and we call on the mayors in the north and the citizens not to fall for these provocations,“ Haradinaj wrote.

As TV Most revealed from well informed people in the field, Pristina has the support of some Serbs for its dirty work, who are being blackmailed and paid handsomely to inform on those who oppose Pristina’s taxes and the aim to expel Serbs from the north of Kosovo and Metohija. The following names are listed as those who are potential associates of Pristina intelligence structures – Dejan Sekulic called Joja, Goran Dimitrijevic Cengela, but also Dragan Nikolic, Zoran Radunovic called Trut, Camil Bajramic, Dragan Nesovic, as well as a certain Goran Gogic. Almost all of them are residents of the Leposavic municipality and members of the Kosovo police.

Aleksandar Vucic, president of Serbia, and representatives of Srpska Lista, spoke about the attempt to divide and break up Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija on several occasions. Unfortunately, some western embassies are involved in these insidious moves by Pristina.

The Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office, which launched an investigation into border police officers in the north of Kosovo in April last year, received the support and information from four Serbs from Leposavic – Dejan Sekulic Joja, Bojan Pavlovic Brada and two entrepreneurs – Ljubisa Vukicevic Capa and Darko Savic Djavo – who were part of the investigation conducted by Prosecutor Shyqri Syla.

Namely, the four Serbs provided information from the field to the Kosovo Police Inspectorate and the Kosovo Intelligence Agency from May 2018, based on which the Kosovo Special Forces conducted a recent campaign of arrests and beatings of Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. Sekulic also took part in creating a report on the entry of Serbian goods on which Pristina imposed a 100% tax, and which entered KiM through the „green belt“, which is usually secured by border police officers who were the subject of the investigation.

Sekulic then set up cameras for Kosovo intelligence agencies that recorded citizens and businessmen who delivered goods for the needs of the local population in order to avoid empty racks and a humanitarian catastrophe in Serb-populated areas that use domestic food only from Serbia.

All four, unfortunately, as we learn, provided operational and logistical support to the Kosovo Police Inspectorate, the Kosovo Intelligence Agency and the Kosovo Prosecutor’s Office, on the day the action was conducted, in which special police forces in four municipalities in the north used brutal and excessive force. After the the campaign ended, together with Markovic in Leposavic, they celebrated the arrests and beatings of their fellow citizens.

We publish the photographs of Serbs that were claimed to have participated in the informing on their compatriots, that had been published on the Instagram profile “Srpska čast”.

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