Trajkovic: Radoicic’s new lawsuit is the reason I was detained at the airport

Rada Trajković

Kosovo Serb politician and university professor Rada Trajkovic announced last week that she was not allowed to travel to Podgorica from Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport. Trajkovic appeared before the court today after receiving an official court summons. Afterwards, she revealed that the reason she was banned from traveling is another legal dispute with Srpska Lista Vice-President and Kosovo Serb businessman, Milan Radoicic.

„The mysterious reason for my detention at the airport has just been revealed: Milan Radoicic has filed a criminal lawsuit against me,“ Trajkovic tweeted today, adding:

„I was prevented from leaving the country due to a lawsuit filed by a man under the Magnitsky sanctions of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. In this country, he is free – I am not…“

On the same day, Trajkovic informed the public about her detention via Twitter. At the time, she also published a photo of the alleged court summons as per which she was obliged to appear today (June 27) before the Third Municipal Court in Belgrade.

Trajkovic told KoSSev at the time that she did not know the reason why she was prevented from leaving the country, while also complaining about the way she was treated during the four hours she spent in the „basement of the airport, with criminals“ and the police who refused to tell her the reason behind the detention.

„I have no idea whether it was related to a crime, or whether I am a witness to something or they just wanted to prevent me from making a guest appearance tonight on the Podgorica city television portal with Azem Vlasi,“ Trajkovic said at the time, adding that she was informed via networks about speculation that all of this might be connected with Oliver Ivanovic’s murder trial.

Shortly after Trajkovic made these claims, the Serbian Ministry of the Interior denied her allegations, claiming that they were „false“ and that she was not banned from leaving the country.

However, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed that they acted upon the request of the Third Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In August 2019, Milan Radoicic filed a defamation lawsuit with the Higher Court in Belgrade against the president of the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo, Rada Trajkovic.

Radoicic demanded compensation in the amount of five million dinars after Trajkovic publicly shared her suspicions that Radoicic was involved in Ivanovic’s murder and that he was the leader of the mafia in the north of Kosovo.

However, in August last year, Radoicic’s lawsuit was rejected as unfounded. In addition to not having to pay the 5 million dinars compensation that Radoicic had requested, Rada Trajkovic was also set to receive, within 15 days of receiving the judgment, 325,350 dinars in court costs from Radoicic.

On January 24th, 2019, the Kosovo authorities issued an arrest warrant against Radoicic in the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. On March 1st, 2021, the warrant was lifted – at the request of the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office, which had previously requested the warrant.

In the meantime, however, a new warrant for Radoicic’s arrest was issued in connection with the „Brezovica“ case.

In December of last year, the U.S. Department of the Treasury added Radoicic to its SDN list, as well as Zvonko Veselinovic, his brother Zarko and ten other individuals from Kosovo connected with them.

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