Threatening messages appear on cars with Serbian license plates in N.Mitrovica and Zvecan

Foto: KoSSev

Threatening messages with offensive content in the form of temporary RKS paper plates appeared on cars, mostly those with Serbian license plates, in North Mitrovica and Zvecan this morning. The inscription on the plates urged the citizens not to get the RKS temporary plates.

Dejan Nedeljkovic from North Mitrovica tweeted this morning that he found printed temporary RKS plates on several cars in the town, containing a threatening message to those who are thinking about getting these temporary license plates.

In the meantime, KoSSev also found similar paper license plates displayed on cars in several parts of the town, bearing the inscription „STOP“ in large red letters.

Similar plates were displayed on cars in Zvecan, and a couple of these plates were found in the garbage can near the municipal building.

The police of the region north, however, claim that they had no knowledge about these plates.

The Kosovo government banned the use of Serbian license plates on the territory of Kosovo, both those bearing the mark of cities in Serbia proper and cities in Kosovo, on September 20th. Since then, the owners of such vehicles have had to use temporary RKS license plates.

On the other hand, in the north of Kosovo, cars with Serbian license plates, as well as with RKS plates, continue to move unhindered.

According to KoSSev’s findings, at least one vehicle with temporary RKS plates has been damaged in the past couple of days. The police of the region north, however, has yet to officially confirm this information.

A few days ago, as the Kosovo Ministry of the Interior confirmed, the Vehicle Registration Centre was set on fire in Zubin Potok, while two explosive devices were thrown on the INTEL building in Zvecan on the same day, where the Vehicle Registration Center is situated.

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