The Merdare border crossing functional once again


The Merdare border crossing, which was closed by the Kosovo police two nights ago due to a roadblock from the Serbian side, is operational once again, the Kosovo police confirmed.

The road leading to this crossing from the direction of Kursumlija was blocked two nights ago by a group of Serbs.

As pro-governmental media report, a group of Serbs decided to block the road to show „support to the Serbs from Kosovo“ who were protesting at the barricades.

Merdare was then officially closed by the Kosovo Police, and travelers were advised to use other crossings.

According to the police, after the blockade on the Serbian side was removed at 9:50 a.m. today, the Merdare crossing was opened to traffic.

„We inform citizens and compatriots that the Merdare border crossing has been opened and is fully operational,“ the KP stated.

On the other hand, the crossings in the North of Kosovo – Jarinje and Brnjak remain closed.

These border crossings were shut down 20 days ago, at the same time local Serbs set up barricades.

According to last night’s announcements, all barricades set up in the past 20 days – installed in at least 14 locations in the municipalities in the north – are set to be dismantled within 24 or 48 hours.

There is still no information on whether their removal is underway.

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