The Law on the Prohibition of Games of Chance enters into force

zatvoren lokal poreska administracija
Foto: KoSSev

The Law on the Prohibition of Games of Chance which „prohibits all games of chance“ – with the exception of the lottery of Kosovo – came into force today.

This law was adopted on March 28th in a fast-tracked parliamentary procedure. Only five days passed from the adoption of the initiative to the final adoption of the law.

The law was then forwarded to the Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci to sign the order on its proclamation or to return it to the Kosovo Assembly for reconsideration.

Taking into account that Hashim Thaci did not return the law for reconsideration in due time, it was published in the Official Gazette on March 24th, entering into force 15 days later – in accordance with the applicable Kosovo regulations.

The law consists of only three articles. The first article „prohibits all games of chance in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo,“ while the second article nullifies the previous Law on Games of Chance, as well as the by-laws regulating the implementation of that law. The last article is a transitional provision on entry into force.

Even before the Law on the Prohibition of Games of Chance came into force, the Kosovo Tax Administration started closing casinos without a work license.

Pristina-based Gazeta Express recently reported that over 400 businesses would be closed after the law enters into force – 306 betting shops, 133 outlets with gambling machines and six Bingo outlets.

The Law on the Prohibition of Games of Chance was initiated at the proposal of the opposition party LDK after two men were killed, within a few days, in casinos in Lipljan and Suva Reka in March.



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