The KP confirms the attack on an Albanian cameraman and a student, but not a kidnapping

FOTO: Visar Duriqi

What precisely happened in North Mitrovica today, when two Albanians sustained injuries – a young man G.GJ, who was transferred to North Mitrovica Hospital Center, and Jetmir Muji, a cameraman of the Insajderi portal, who sought help in the south?

Insajderi journalist Visar Duriqi, whose colleague was injured, told KoSSev that the incident happened because he and Muji purportedly spotted an alleged attempt to kidnap a young ethnic Albanian near the main bridge. On the other hand, the Kosovo police announced that a group of Albanian high school students were returning from a walk in the north when one of them was attacked near the intersection, while the other students managed to run away.

According to Duriqi’s testimony, upon crossing the main bridge, near the site where members of the Carabinieri are stationed, he and Muji purportedly spotted “a young Albanian being dragged” into a blue Renault vehicle. Muji reportedly sprinted after the car. Upon reaching an intersection, Muji found a group of people placing the injured G. GJ. in an ambulance. Some members of the same group of people allegedly attacked Muji, claimed Duriqi.

On the other hand, the Kosovo Police confirmed this morning that two young men of Albanian ethnicity were injured, one of whom was treated in a hospital in North Mitrovica, and the other sought help in the south.

One of KoSSev’s reporters, who happened to find himself near the site of the incident before the ambulance arrived, also saw a young man lying on the street with blood coming out of his mouth. From a distance, he observed a man and a woman rushing to his aid. While trying to find a parking spot, the reporter also noticed an ambulance approaching the place where the young man was lying.

Over 500 Kosovo police officers in the north tendered their resignations last week. Almost half a day after the incident occurred, the Kosovo police from Pristina announced more details, referring to information from the field.

„This morning, a group of high school students of Albanian ethnicity (9 students) went for a walk to the Mikro settlement, which is located in North Mitrovica. While returning to the main bridge, near the intersection, it is suspected that they were followed/observed by a blue Renault vehicle, from which the suspects got out, stopped, and hit one student, while the other students managed to run away from that location, in the direction of the main bridge,“ the police said in a press release.

As for the attack on Jetmir Muji, they stated that he was filming the ambulance while the attacked young man was receiving medical assistance. It is currently suspected that he was prevented from performing his duty, but also that he was physically attacked.

„He was attacked by persons who are suspected of being the same ones who attacked the student. According to the victim’s testimony, the suspects addressed the employee (cameraman) in Serbian. In addition to assaulting/striking him, they tried to forcefully seize his phone (mobile), because he was recording with it and had evidence of the case. After that, the victim (cameraman) was given medical help in the regional emergency room in South Mitrovica,“ the police said.

The cameraman and the other students were questioned at the police station in the presence of Child Services officers, and the authorities of the school attended by the students were informed about the case.

The case has been classified as „Assault & Bodily Injury“ and the investigation is ongoing.

The Kosovo Police called on all citizens to refrain from any kind of provocations or possible incidents, to cooperate with the Kosovo Police in the interest of maintaining order and public safety, as well as bringing suspects to justice.

„Also, the Kosovo Police asks anyone who has information about suspected persons to inform the police on the following numbers (192, 0800 19999, 038 550 999), as well as through the digital platform ‘Report to the Police’. All information will be processed in complete anonymity,“ KP said.

The Insajderi portal reported about the incident today with the following headlines – „Bandits from the North attacked Insajderi cameraman“ and „The Carabinieri saw the attack on the cameraman, did not react – the details of the case of the attack in the North are given by the editor-in-chief of Insajderi“.

During multiple conversations with Duriqi today, he maintained that he saw the boy being kidnapped near the bridge.

After the police issued a press release, we reached out to Duriqi once again asking him to confirm that he witnessed the kidnapping. No answer had arrived by the time the news was published.

In the meantime, the Kosovo Journalists Association reacted, expressing shock and concern over the attack. They called on the Kosovo Police to urgently investigate the case and find the perpetrators. The attacks were also condemned by the Journalists’ Association of Serbia, as well as its Kosovo branch. They also requested an investigation, but from the international police, calling for ensuring the safety of journalists while on duty.

The SafeJournalists network, which represents more than 8,200 media professionals in the Western Balkans, also criticized physical violence against media workers and called on competent authorities to conduct an effective investigation and adequately punish the perpetrators.

So far, one Serbian political party condemned the attack – the Party of Kosovo Serbs, which pointed a finger at Srpska Lista.

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