The Day of Victory in North Mitrovica: Russian flags and Putin posters

Today is the Day of Europe which is celebrated as the Day of Victory over Fascism in memory of the end of the Second World War in 1945. On the streets of Moscow – Serbian President  Aleksandar Vucic participated together with Russian President Putin for the walk of the immortal regiment. On the streets of Kosovska Mitrovica the Russian flags are waving and posters of Putin are placed around the city.

The Day of Victory over Fascism in northern part of the city over Ibar was marked with a series of festival activities in the city hall.

"Serbs were throughout decisive historical events always relying on Russia and the Russian people and we believed Russia undefeatable," said a Office for Kosovo official Dusan Kozarev in North Mitrovica.

He at the same time recalled that Europe was the battlefield of two world wars and hoped that it would remain faithful to anti-fascism, but also that the Serbs would be an equal part of such a Europe.

It is a sunny day in Mitrovica. Brand new Russian flags are waving above the streets, while posters of Putin's face are all around. The posters were placed also over the EU-flag labels at the EU Info-Center. The new premises are located in the pedestrian zone near the main bridge. The head of the EU office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova, opened the center yesterday.



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