Thaci signed a decree on the KSF Law, Srpska Lista did not file an appeal

Hašim Tači proglašava zakone o transformaciji KBS

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci signed a decree today announcing three laws enabling the transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) into the armed forces, but without changing the name. Srpska Lista has not yet filed an appeal for an assessment of its constitutionality, while the legally stipulated deadline for appeal has expired – the Constitutional Court of Kosovo confirmed.

In the presence of KSF Commander, Rahman Rama, Thaci signed a decree announcing the proclamation of the law on the Ministry of Defense of Kosovo, the KSF and on the rules of service in the KSF, adopted by the Assembly of Kosovo in the second reading on December 14th.

The laws shall enter into force within 15 days of its publication in the Official Journal of Kosovo.

Srpska Lista, despite announcing that they will file a complaint to the Constitutional Court for violating the provisions of the Kosovo Constitution, it has not done so to date. The strongest Kosovo Serbs party „did not expect that the court would stand in defense of the law“ – Srpska Lista Vice-President, Igor Simic said in North Mitrovica on December 14th.

KoSSev tried to reach representatives of Srpska Lista, but before this article was published, we were unable to get in touch with minister Dalibor Jevtic and the MP in the Kosovo Assembly, Igor Simic, while the MP and member of the assembly committee of the Assembly of the “Republic of Kosovo” for Internal Affairs, Security and the supervision of KSF, Zoran Mojsilovic hung up after KoSSev journalist introduced himself and posed a question.

The head of the Information Office of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, Veton Dula told KoSSev that until today Srpska Lista did not submit an appeal for the assessment of constitutionality and that the eight-day-deadline has expired.

„Up to this point, no one did,“ Dula said in a telephone statement.

According to Dula, the deadline for submitting a request for the assessment of constitutionality started from December 14th – the date these laws were adopted.

The appeal was not submitted, but the pledge remained that the champions of Srpska Lista will stand “empty-handed” in front of their “empty-handed Serbian people”.

The set of laws enabling the transformation of the KSF mandate were adopted in the Assembly of Kosovo on December 14th with 107 votes in favour. Members of Srpska Lista did not attend that session. The decision was met with different reactions from the West. While the NATO alliance expressed regret over the untimely move by Kosovo institutions, the US embassy in Pristina welcomed the beginning of the long-term process of transforming the KSF into a „formation with a territorial defense mandate,“ but also stressed that there would be no „current change“. The EU said in a brief statement that they share NATO’s position that the KSF’s mandate should be changed only through an „inclusive and gradual process“ in accordance with the Kosovo Constitution. They also stated that they expect Kosovo to continue to respect its security obligations undertaken by the provisions of the First Normalization Agreement, which was concluded in Brussels in 2013.



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