Thaci: Chief suspect for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic is in Belgrade; Djuric and Vucic reacted

Oliver Ivanovic
Ripped poster of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Mitrovica,PHOTO: Irishtimes, Armend Nimani

„I call on Hashim Thaci to tell the local and international public the name and surname of the one who murdered Oliver Ivanovic and that he offers solid evidence of it, not false news and provocations,“ the head of Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric said following a statement by Kosovo President Hashim Thaci that the killers of the former leader of citizen initiative SDP are currently in Belgrade. The Serbian President also reacted, urging Pristina to provide „small evidence“ and the names of suspects, and Serbia will arrest them, if they are in Belgrade. The president, however, asked for evidence not coming from the media or from „Rada Trajkovic from the Savski Venac“.

During yesterday’s conference, Hashim Thaci spoke about the dialogue, the merging of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja to Kosovo, the Special Court, but also about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, saying: „According to what I am aware of, the investigation is at a very important stage and the main suspects are in Belgrade.“

He stressed that because of this the cooperation with international bodies and with Belgrade is the only recourse for the suspects to be arrested for the murder. Thaci also pointed out that Belgrade should contribute to bringing them to justice.

Shortly after the Kosovo President’s statement, the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric denied his claims, emphasizing that „he (Hashim Thaci), of course, does not have the evidence for the claim that the perpetrators of this murder are in Belgrade, which did not prevent him from loutishly attempting to make Serbia defend itself from his pointless accusations.“

Djuric reiterated that Pristina has been refusing to cooperate in the investigation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic for almost a year and that it refused to share information that could lead to the shedding of the light on this crime with the Serbian investigative authorities.

„Instead, Pristina has been using the murder of Oliver Ivanovic in the most shameful way for months for political and propaganda purposes in dealing with Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and the Republic of Serbia,“ added Djuric.

According to him, all this speaks of the fact that Pristina and Hashim Thaci do not and have never „really cared“ for the instigators and perpetrators of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic to be brought to justice.

„By ignoring and directing the investigation in the wrong direction it has actually confirmed that the trail to the culprits leads to Pristina – not Belgrade,“ Djuric concluded.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic also commented on Thaci’s allegations.

„If they are in Belgrade, and you are the one who is conducting the investigation, you are the one. I am not interested in those in Belgrade and Serbia who, for their political purposes, would want to falsely accuse somebody in the Serbian government somewhere … it may not be Vucic directly or some of his (people), so that they do it in a way to have a story, which they have been doing for a year. I am not interested in them. But you, as someone who is pretending to be a state, you must say the names of the killers and the names of the accomplices, and not make something up. And if they are in Belgrade, give us names. We will arrest them. And we do not ask terribly firm evidence from you, we ask for small evidence, give us some small evidence, and we will arrest them. We’ll arrest them all, just give us the names. But do not read the newspapers and ask Rada Trajkovic from the Savski Venac, which you are falsely presenting as Rada from Kosovo and Metohija, and who knows how many apartments she owns here on the Savski Venac,“ Vucic said.

Nevertheless, the president will defeat all those who slander and lie both „here and in Pristina“ because „a lie has no legs“ and he is neither a killer nor a thief.



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