Ten cars torched in less than a week in the North

eulex i kp ispred kancelarije cik severna mitrovica

The burning of vehicles with RKS licence plates in the north of Kosovo continues. After three cars were set on fire two nights ago, two in North Mitrovica and one in Zvečan, another three set alight this evening. This time in Leposavic.

Two had RKS registrations, and had Belgrade license plates. The owners of all three cars are Serbs.

Early this morning at around 3:40, two cars were set on fire next to the kindergarten, one with RKS and another with BG license plates.

Police officers went to the scene, as well as firefighters who extinguished the fire.

In another case, in the same municipality, the time of the fire was not specified, except that a car with RKS license plates burned near the sports center. Here, too, the police and firefighters arrived at the scene.

The police announced that they are looking for the perpetrators while opening a criminal investigation.

The police called on citizens to cooperate and help in the investigation.

„Discredited and with diminishing support from Kosovo Serbs, Serbia’s illegal structures are resorting to criminal tactics that terrorize. Rule of law will prevail and every culprit will be brought to justice. Vucic’s pyromaniac regime will fail,“ said the Chief ofSstaff of Kosovo President, Blerim Vela.

He is the first public official to make a statement regarding these most recent incidents.

In less than a week, a total of ten privately owned passenger cars were set on fire through the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo. Most of them had RKS plates.

Almost 80 vehicles were set on fire in 2014 in areas inhabited by Serbs, mostly in the North.

See the list of burned cars HERE.

After yesterday’s arson, a wave of condemnations was launched by international and Kosovo officials: Condemnations from Pristina on burning cars in the North, diplomats demand a quick investigation.


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