Tadić on Slobodno Srpski talk show: Serbian authorities initially promised to annul the Brussels Agreements to finally accept the jurisdiction of Pristina in the entire territory of Kosovo

„Angela Merkel had asked me for a kind of Brussels Agreement that will abolish the institutions (the state-supported ones) in the north of Kosovo. I told her – ‘it is out of question,“ said former Serbian President Boris Tadic. Answering to Kosovo Serb journalist Budimir Nicic on his „Slobodno Srpski“ talk show, he explained that this was one of the reasons why he lost support from countries that had recognized Kosovo’s independence.

They expected me to be flexible and cooperative, on this issue, he explained.

Instead of this: „The current Serbian government has accepted all of what neither me, nor Zoran Djindjic, would have ever accepted,“ emphasised Tadic.

The former Serbian President claimed he would never have signed the Brussels Agreement, while convinced that such a refusal would not have endangered the European perspective of Serbia.

It would have been further negotiated, believes Tadic.

He recalled his four point plan on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, which foresaw – a north of Kosovo entity that would be based upon legislative, executive and judicial authority, a Serbian Community of municipalities to the south of the Ibar River, jurisdiction over the Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries as per either the Athos model or the Lateran Agreement by which the Vatican and Italy have regulated their relationship and, finally, to find a solution for the issue of Serbian state and private property in Kosovo.

„However, the current authorities have completely destroyed everything. While originally promised to cancel our technical agreement reached throughout the Brussels’ dialogue, they in fact accepted all of what neither me, nor Zoran Djindjic, would have ever accepted,“ said Tadic.

Tadic also recalled him and his team advocating the continuity of a partition policy that began back in 1968.

„When we saw that partition was not possible under these circumstances, we then asked for two entities in Kosovo. It was me asking for the North Kosovo entity and a special entity for Serbs south of Ibar, that is a community of Serb municipalities. However, Vucic, Dacic and Nikolic accepted the jurisdiction of Pristina throughout the entire territory, which then abolished the two entity idea, and history needs to make a record of it,“ Tadic said.

Former Serbian President spoke also on his views towards Kosovo’s politics, the Serb community, EULEX, and an eventual referendum on Kosovo. He also spoke of the significant role that the U.S. Fleet commander, General Gregory Johnson played in halting the March 2004 violence carried out by extreme Albanians against the Kosovo Serbs and their religious and historical sites. To learn more about first hand witness accounts, please read in here.



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