Svecla: Vehicle registration center in ZP set on fire, an „explosive device“ thrown in the Zvecan centre

Foto: FB-Đeljalj Svećla (Xhelal Sveçla)

Kosovo Interior Minister, Xhelal Svecla, announced today that unknown perpetrators set fire to the Vehicle Registration Center in Zubin Potok on Friday night and that an attack was also carried out at the Civil Registration Centre in Zvecan.

The KoSSev portal reported this morning about the fire that broke out in the building of the municipality of Zubin Potok.

As the fire station in this municipality confirmed for KoSSev, two offices burned down in the fire. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

In the meantime, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Xhelal Svecla, shared in a Facebook post that a criminal act with terrorist elements was committed last night in Zubin Potok.

According to him, unknown persons set fire to the Vehicle Registration Centre, which is located in the municipal building in Zubin Potok.

„The Kosovo police immediately arrived at the scene and we will have more information soon,“ Svecla said.

The Interior Minister also revealed that the attack took place on the Centre for Civil Registration in Zvecan, with, as it is suspected, an explosive device.

In the meantime, the Kosovo Police of the region north confirmed that two explosive devices were found this morning in the INTEL building in Zvecan, where the registration centre is located, which were then destroyed.

„These crimes best show what would happen at the Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings if the Special Units had not been stationed there,“ the Kosovo minister pointed out.

He said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with its agencies, is committed to order, security, and the rule of law and that it is the guarantor of „sovereign decisions of the Government of Kosovo.“

„Despite such actions, we will continue with full commitment to the implementation of the decision on the entire territory of Kosovo,“ Svecla said.

He called on all citizens in the north of Kosovo to respect the laws, but also not to allow themselves to be „manipulated by those who live through politics and have material gain only thanks to tensions“.

The roads near Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings have been blocked by a group of Serbs since Monday after the Kosovo government decided to introduce reciprocity for Serbian license plates.

The barricades are maintained by employees of certain institutions, with the organization and support of Srpska Lista leaders and officials, backed by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Kosovo special police forces have been stationed at the barricades since Monday.

The Kosovo Ministry of Interior, i.e. the Civil Registration Agency, issued 6,375 temporary „RKS“ registration plates from September 20th to September 22nd. The plates are issued at crossings, but also in municipal registration centres, including those in northern Kosovo.

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