Svecla: „The special police are deployed in the north to ensure that the law prevails“

I am not against the Serb people, Xhelal Svecla said in an interview with KoSSev. The Kosovo Interior Minister says that he is against the „chauvinist projects of Serbia“ and criminals. „Criminals have no ethnicity but are a mixed group. They are the ones who want to portray their activities in nationalist colors,“ he claims.

„You have the biggest criminals who are also the biggest patriots. We need to put a stop to this. We need the attention of ordinary citizens, attention for a normal life, in order to support such categories and fight against these other categories,“ the Kosovo Minister of Interior underlined in an exclusive interview for KoSSev.

He stated that he disagrees with the fact that he might be the most hated Kosovo official in the north. On the contrary, he claims that he is constantly in contact with Serb citizens, NGOs, and officials at different levels, noting that these meetings are not public.

During the entire interview, Svecla spoke about the rule of law, respect for institutions, and the fight against the „fascist militia“.

He interprets this term, which he began using along with the Kosovo Prime Minister a little over a month ago, as applying to „violent extremist groups that attack anyone who disagrees with them politically, causing harm to citizens.“

In his words, this is still considerably different from what Self-Determination, and Svecla personally, has been doing for years.

Svecla stuck to this conviction even when spoke of the time when tear gas was thrown in the assembly, interrupting sessions, Molotov cocktails were thrown on government and police buildings, the international and Kosovo police were stoned, trucks, police jeeps, and EULEX vehicles were overturned…

„There is a significant difference between intentionally organizing violent resistance and showing resistance,“ says Svecla.

He claims that he has paid his debt to the court, where an indictment for hooliganism and violence against him and his comrades from Self-Determination became outdated recently.

According to Svecla, the things he did in the past reflected his beliefs and concerns, and were not directed against the people.

„I am very direct. The truth is the truth. A lie is a lie. A violation is a violation. We are not running away from that,“ he said.

You can watch and read the full interview of the current Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo tomorrow. It is the first interview Svecla gave for a media outlet reporting in Serbian.

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