Svecla and Radomirovic: The Serbian MIA detained the director of the Leposavic municipality; Belgrade remains silent


The Administration Director in the Leposavic municipality, Nikola Radomirovic, was detained by the Serbian police yesterday, the Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs announced last night. Nikola’s father, Radoica Radomirovic, the Deputy Minister of Kosovo for Communities and Return, also confirmed the news for KoSSev. Both Svecla and Radomirovic alleged that he was detained on account of the function he performs. Official Belgrade has yet to react, while KoSSev’s inquiries with the Ministry of Interior of Serbia and the Kosovo Office remain unanswered.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Xhelal Svecla, announced on his Facebook profile last night that Nikola Radomirovic was allegedly arrested and that he is in the police station in Raska.

„He and his fiancée were arrested simply because Nikola is part of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and because, together with his father, he continuously resisted the pressures of Belgrade and their gangs,“ the Kosovo Minister of the Interior underlined.

In his words, this “injustice” is also proof of the „destructive and destabilizing approach of the Serbian government“, but also a „revenge“ after yesterday’s „failure to prevent“ the decision for Kosovo to host the Mediterranean Games in 2030.

Svecla called on Belgrade to urgently release Radomirovic and his fiancée „and to stop the pressure and illegal actions against the citizens of Kosovo“:

„Especially citizens of Serbian ethnicity who are loyal to their country, the Republic of Kosovo, and in the service of all its citizens.“

In the meantime, the Deputy Minister of Communities and Returns, Radoica Radomirovic, confirmed Svecla’s allegations for KoSSev.

He specified that his son was pulled over at the Jarinje crossing while he was traveling with his girlfriend.

„They have been holding them there since 11:30 a.m.,“ said Radomirovic, stressing that his son’s rights and the law were violated.

„He was not allowed a call, he didn’t even call a lawyer, me, his mother, nobody,“ he said.
When asked how he learned that his son was taken into custody by the Serbian police, Radomirovic says, „I have my own findings.“

He emphasizes that his son is not a criminal, noting that he has never had a single traffic violation.

Revealing that Nikola’s mother went to Raska yesterday, Radomirovic claims that he cannot, because he believes he would also be detained.

He criticized the authorities in Serbia, claiming that the reason for the detention is allegedly the fact Nikola works in the municipality of Leposavic.

„Nikola was taken into custody by the fascist regime in Serbia, and only because he is the director of administration in the municipality and because of his political activities – because we oppose the terrorist organization Srpska Lista here,“ argued Radomirovic.

He also says that he received „reliable information“ that the BIA is allegedly involved in the case, that is, members of this agency „from the north of Kosovo“, which he allegedly told his son – „that it would be better for him if he came forward“.

Radomirovic listed the names of several people, stating that he would report everything to the Kosovo Police and that he considers them responsible for his son’s detainment.

KoSSev reached out to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia regarding the allegations of the detainment of Nikola Radomirovic.

We forwarded the same inquiry to the Kosovo Office with additional questions regarding the claims of the Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs.

So far, our questions remain unanswered.

The Ministry of Interior of Serbia and the Kosovo Office have yet to react on the occasion.

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