Surlic: Serbs acceptable for Pristina as long as decision-making does not depend on them


Stefan Surlić, Debata Mitrovačkog društvenog kluba
Foto: KoSSev

The elected government will perhaps be suitable for the Albanians, but it will contribute very little to improving the lives of the members of the Serbian community, a political analyst, Stefan Surlic, said in a statement for KoSSev. In his words, a true change of policy and civic concept would be visible the moment, in some future government, the future Minister of Communities and Returns is an ethnic Albanian, and a Serb takes over the department that concerns all Kosovo citizens.

Kosovo elected a new assembly convocation and a new government yesterday. As expected, Albin Kurti is the new prime minister – for the second time in 12 months.

Surlic told KoSSev that the new government is in fact „a government of continuity in which, under the guise of a civic and multicultural concept, Serbs will continue to be disenfranchised.“

„Srpska Lista is criticized for being close to Belgrade. It is begrudged that by the same political option that promotes the idea of ​​unification with Albania before the election of the new government while displaying the Albanian flag during the election of the Government of Kosovo in the parliament,“ said Surlic.

This political analyst expressed hope that the new Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, will step out of the current policy and try to eliminate the decades-old problems in the announced internal dialogue with Serbs.

These are not problems that trouble all citizens in Kosovo equally, he said.

„These are the difficulties that the Serb community is facing in defending its legal and constitutional rights arising from the Ahtisaari plan, but also the international obligations undertaken by signing the Brussels agreement,“ Surlic underlined.

SL received one less ministerial post in the newly elected government of Kosovo compared to previous convocations.

„Also, I do not think that it is crucial for Serbs to formally have 1 or 2 ministers and 3 deputy prime ministers in the government if their role will be completely marginalized,“ Surlic stressed.

He recalled that just before the government was elected, the representatives of the Self-Determination party „proudly“ pointed out that the government, as well as any future decision of the new executive power in Pristina, will not depend on Serb representatives.

„A conclusion is thus reached that the civic concept is acceptable only if the decisions are the product of mono-ethnic consent,“ warned Surlic.

Surlic also shared his view on how the relations between the Serbian and Albanian people can be improved in the future.

„In some new relations, the post of Minister for Communities and Returns in the government should belong to an ethnic Albanian, because it is the responsibility of members of the majority community to accommodate differences and show readiness for policies related to the return of the displaced and the integration of the Serb community into Kosovo society. On the other hand, Serb representatives could take over a department that concerns all citizens in Kosovo and bears more responsibilities,“ suggested Surlic.

That would be a true change of policy and civic concept, he added.

„Thus, the norm and form will be respected, and Serbian representatives will be acceptable as long as decision-making does not depend on them,“ he emphasized in a statement for KoSSev.

On the other hand, Jeta Krasniqi from the Kosovo Democratic Institute spoke to KoSSev about what she sees as positive sides of the new Kosovo government:

„The government with the highest number of women, great support from voters, but with new members, which include several minority communities, the government which consolidated the majority precisely because of the support of the electorate.“

According to her, the President of Kosovo will be elected if not in the first round of voting, then at least in the third round.

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