Stefanovic and Mojsilovic in Raska, units of the army of Serbia are on full alert

„Units of the army of Serbia are on full alert, highly motivated and ready to protect their people,“ Serbian Defense Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic, confirmed from Raska.

Stefanovic and the Chief of the Staff General Zoran Mojsilovic visited Serbian army units in Raska and Novi Pazar today.

The units are a part of the active forces of the army of Serbia, and they are on full alert, the Ministry of Defense of Serbia announced.

„Many people did not believe President Vucic when he said that our army would be much stronger and would not allow any kind of pogrom of our people, but now they can see how far we have come, the determination of the army of Serbia and our equipment and weapons,“ Stefanovic said.

I am proud of the senior officers and soldiers who proved today „how much they love their Serbia“ – and who represent a deterrent to anyone who plans to inflict harm on Serbia, the minister pointed out.

„Our army has no desire to provoke, our country wants peace and any solution that yields a better life to everyone, but as the president said – We will not allow new pogroms, there will be no new Storms or similar operations,“ the Minister of Defense stressed.

Stefanovic furthermore claimed that Vucic is making excellent calls to de-escalate the situation.

„What you witnessed in Jarinje and Brnjak, as well as the latest events of the beating of Serbs, it shows how right the president was in saying that it was part of an organized campaign and that it was a provocation, designed to expel Serbs from Kosovo. Keeping silent or just sending bureaucratic messages in which both sides call for easing tensions is a terrible thing. The president was very clear when he said – We did not send the army or the police. We have not made a single move that would endanger people’s lives in any way. We have not taken any action that could be construed as a provocation.“

He pointed out that General Mojsilovic has been in regular contact with the KFOR commander, noting that the Serb side is attempting to ease tensions, but that it will not remain silent to provocations.

„What is taking place now is not in line with the Brussels Agreement, which is obviously not valid for some people. We have been trying to implement the Brussels Agreement for eight years. This Agreement was signed and voluntarily accepted by the authorities in Pristina, and guaranteed by the European Union. Even after eight years, it has not been implemented, especially those provisions that guarantee a normal and easier life to Serbs, which the members of the European Union – as a guarantor of the agreement – have committed themselves to,” Minister Stefanovic emphasized, adding that Serbia is now much more powerful than it was in previous decades and that the army of Serbia is “ready to protect its people by order of the President.”

The roads to Brnjak and Jarinje crossings in the north of Kosovo have been blocked since Monday after the Kosovo government began implementing the reciprocity measure for Serbian license plates.

The barricades are maintained by employees of certain institutions, organized and supported by Srpska Lista leaders and officials, backed by President Aleksandar Vucic.

Kosovo special police forces have been stationed at the barricades since Monday.

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