Srpska Lista: „Thaci proved that the case against Radoicic is political persecution“

Srpska lista Milan Radoičić Goran Rakić Igor Simić crop
Foto: Fejsbuk stranica Srpska lista

Srpska Lista reacted following Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci’s statement that „those who helped Milosevic and are friends with Radoicic – whom I expelled from Kosovo“ are talking about the partition. The largest Kosovo Serb party assessed Thaci’s statement as „a public and open confession that the case against Radoicic is political persecution.“

Srpska Lista claimed that Thaci’s words represent „a confession that the lynching and attempted murder“ of Radoicic were organized for „the sake of the political interests of Hashim Thaci, and not based on any evidence of Radoicic’s alleged involvement in the monstrous murder of Oliver Ivanovic“.

„Justice is slow but reachable“, they stated, adding that „the truth about the innocence and false accusations is now confirmed“ with which Hashim Thaci „tried to disgrace“ the Vice-President of Srpska List stated.

Srpska Lista also expressed its support for Radoicic and the arrested Spasojevic and Rosic.

„The exchange of territories is being talked about. It will never happen. This was discussed earlier. Not a kilometer of Kosovo, Trepca, Gazivode will be in danger as long as I’m alive. Those who speak of the partition of Kosovo are those who helped Milosevic and are friends with Radocic – whom I expelled from Kosovo. The border correction will happen, because no one can dispute my aspiration to join Presevo Valley to Kosovo without any other corrections,“ Hashim Thaci stated at the Diaspora Summit in Tirana, Kosovo media reported earlier today.

The Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic is seen in the public as the most influential official of Srpska Lista. He avoided arrest by the special Kosovo police forces in North Mitrovica on November 23rd last year. The Special Prosecution of Kosovo issued a warrant for his arrest on the suspicion of involvement in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. In the meantime, new charges were added against him and two detained Serbs, including charges of organized crime and drug smuggling. On the other hand, he is attending meetings with the Serbian state leadership, led by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. The president and government officials previously claimed that Radoicic was not involved in Ivanovic’s murder, that he had passed the polygraph test and that he is “the guardian of the Serb-hood in the north of Kosovo.”




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