Srpska Lista and Ujedinjena Zajednica A. Hodzic for KoSSev: Snubbing instead of answering

Foto: Logo FB Gi Ujedinjna zajednica
Foto: Logo FB, Gi Ujedinjna zajednica

Kosovo’s extraordinary elections are scheduled to be held on Sunday. Election silence will begin at midnight. Among the 28 political entities, three lists represent Kosovo Serbs, as well as the newly formed Bosniak civic initiative Ujedinjena Zajednica from North Mitrovica. Previously, the KoSSev portal, while reporting on the pre-election campaign, presented two new Kosovo Serb civic initiatives – the  SDS and the SPO – through special interviews. KoSSev also reached out to Srpska Lista, as well as the leader of the Ujedinjena Zajednica, Adriana Hodzic, with a request for an interview. Several attempts later, these political organisations have yet to respond to the KoSSev’s invitation to present their political options.

The KoSSev portal reached out to Srpska Lista’s official representatives, primarily the former Deputy Prime Minister Goran Rakic and Minister Dalibor Jevtic through his cabinet, on several occasions in the past few days.

Adriana Hodzic has answered several of our calls so far. Each time, in very short conversations, she claimed that she was busy and that she would call us back – which she did not do. The last conversation KoSSev journalists conducted with Hodzic took place this morning when she told us that she was at the local radio station where she was presenting her programme, that she was busy, and that she would call us back.

We publish the questions sent to Srpska Lista below. The very fact that SL and Ujedinjena Zajednica have not yet answered our calls or questions is an answer in itself.

At the same time, we urge SL and Ujedinjena Zajednica once again to present their programmes and answer the questions of the KoSSev portal by midnight, when the pre-election silence will take effect.


Ahead of the upcoming elections, we ask you to answer the following questions in the form that suits you best – in a video, written form, or telephone conversation.

  1. Does this campaign differ in any way from the previous one for Srpska Lista?
  2. Also, do these elections differ in any way from the previous ones?
  3. What is your main impression of the campaign so far?
  4. What message did you receive from voters in the field?
  5. What are the key problems of the Kosovo Serb community?
  6. What kind of results do you expect, i.e. how many seats?
  7. Do you view the other two parties from the Serb community as competition?
  8. Do you hold anything against them and what, or do you have any sort of praise for them?
  9. How do you comment on the allegations – criticism against you – coming from them, that you allegedly put pressure on voters, that is, that you did so in the previous elections, and that there is alleged nepotism on your side?
  10. How do you assess the behavior of Albanian parties and leaders in terms of messages to the Serb community, i.e. how encouraging or threatening are their messages to the Serb community?

If you want to add anything, feel free to do so.

Kosovo’s extraordinary parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held on February 14th. The total number of voters are 1,794,862 – 143,006 less than in the elections held on October 6, 2019. A total of 28 political entities were registered – 21 political parties, two coalitions, and 5 civic initiatives. A total of 1,079 candidates applied for one of the 120 seats in the Kosovo parliament.


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