Srpska Lista and Srdjan Vulovic on Slavisa Ristic: “An errand boy of Ramush Haradinaj”

Srđan Vulović sa Markom Đurićem prilikom posete direktora Kancelarije za KiM jezeru Gazivode 2015, ilustracija/FOTO: RTV Mir
Srđan Vulović sa Markom Đurićem prilikom posete direktora Kancelarije za KiM jezeru Gazivode 2015, ilustracija/FOTO: RTV Mir

While massive protests are being held in the Serbian capital against the rise of verbal and physical violence in Serbia and the policies carried out by Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, with one of the four demands of the protesters for the perpetrators and the instigators of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic to be found, the most influential Kosovo Serb party – Srpska Lista continues to sign statements in which it negatively describes those it sees as opponents of that policy. The primary problem is not with the politicians, but with the media that publish such announcements, the President of the Association of Serbian Journalists on Kosovo, Budimir Nicic warned. This is the vocabulary of Aleksandar Vucic, deputy Slavisa Ristic stated.

Before their latest announcement demanding the release of detained Serbs (describing the arrest as unfounded and that it had angered the Serbs), who are suspected by the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office of being involved in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, Srpska Lista negatively described the deputy in the Serbian Parliament,the former long-time president of Zubin Potok municipality and a member of the opposition Union for Serbia, which is lead by the opposition movement Otadzbina in Kosovo, Slavisa Ristic.

This announcement by Srpska Lista was signed by the name and surname of Ristic’s fellow citizen and colleague – the president of Zubin Potok municipality, Srdjan Vulovic.

„Slavisa Ristic, the confirmed errand boy of Ramush Haradinaj, was unleashed in order to slander our president Aleksandar Vucic in the interest of Pristina, because both he and his taskmasters are aware that President Vucic’s policy is the only defense against the Great-Albanian project of an ethnically pure Kosovo.

The lowlife Slavic Ristic knows that Aleksandar Vucic has inspired an unprecedented political unification of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, where our president won 79% of the votes in the last elections, and he (Ristic) is bothered by this.

The gathering of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija behind President Vucic and Srpska Lista, left the self-proclaimed „political representatives of the Serbs“, such as Slavisa Ristic, with no chance for wrongdoings and trade with Serbian national interests, which has heightened their hatred to unprecedented proportions.

The timing of a never angrier attack on Aleksandar Vucic’s policy speaks the best about what kind of a man Ristic is and what his real goal is, because the offensive of the so-called National Movement Otadzbina followed a never-clearer message from the president that Serbia would never tolerate the endangering and persecution of the Serbian people from Kosovo and Metohija.

Ristic, who profited from the worst of the pogroms against the Serb people, obviously suffers due to the fact that Serbia is getting stronger and stronger in support of our people in Kosovo and Metohija, but his boss Ramush Haradinaj will take care of easing his emotional pain with foreign currency,“ Srpska Lista statement reads.

Nicic: Reality show media scene

nicic budimirThe President of the Association of Serbian Journalists on Kosovo, Budimir Nicic told KoSSev that this is not the first time that politicians, especially Srpska Lista, use inappropriate vocabulary, as well as qualifications of other people and descriptions of them that are not corroborated by evidence and arguments.

„What they say in this way are not facts,“ he said.

Nicic, however, does not see the primary problem with the politicians, but with the media that publish such statements.

„Unfortunately, there are media that publish such statements, but for me -they are not media, but rather a reality show media image – which unfortunately occupies the area of professional media,“ added Nicic.

The inactivity of regulatory bodies

Nicic recalled that it is the duty of regulatory bodies to react promptly to hate speech and libel and that the punishments range from fines to revocation of licenses. He emphasized, however, that this does not happen in Kosovo.

He pointed out that he had personally, as well as the association he manages, directly addressed the Independent Media Commission and the Press Council in similar situations several times, and that he regularly underlines such trends at media meetings or public events.

„I noticed that the Press Council reacted only once and that’s all,“ Nicic said.

He also added that he is not an optimist because:

„When they did not react when a target was drawn on the forehead of Oliver Ivanovic in the text and the video posted on TV Most, then there is no basis for believing that they will react at all.”

„The media must not publish statements with such content, because the job of the media is not to publish blindly what someone says or writes in their statement, but it is the job of the media to deal exclusively with facts, that they do not use the language of hatred in their reports, and that they always listen to the other side,“ said Nicic.

On the other hand, Nicic stated that it is meaningless to call on the other party to respond to inappropriate vocabulary, that is, words that contain verbal violence.

„You cannot call someone a thief, a lowlife, a traitor, off-the-chain, then ask to hear the other side. What could someone else say about such a way of communication? „- he added.


Ristic: This is the vocabulary of Aleksandar Vucic

Ristic himself reacted, emphasizing that the statement that he is cooperating with Pristina or that he is „an errand boy“ to anyone in Pristina is“silly“.

„The public are aware that I left such an authority, precisely because of my refusal to participate in the Kosovo authorities. I did not want to participate in such a government and I have no intention of defending myself, nor is it worth to defend yourself from such a way of communicating with political opponents,“ Slavisa Ristic told KoSSev, recalling the role of Srpska Lista in the Kosovo institutions and the government of Ramush Haradinaj.

Ristic emphasized that the right address such announcements and the manner in which it is delivered to the public is – Aleksandar Vucic. He also recalled that this is not the first time this had happened.

„All these texts and attacks, starting with those on the now murdered Oliver Ivanovic and Dragisa Milovic, then a series of attacks against those who don’t share the same opinion, comes from the same kitchen. I personally think that such texts are not written in Kosovska Mitrovica, but in Belgrade, with the main goal – to slander political opponents and that what they are doing, that is, cooperating with Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj and participating in the process of rounding up on an independent Kosovo and in the creation of Greater Albania, is then transferred to their political opponents.“

Ristic described the vocabulary of Srpska Lista as:

„Madness. I really do not know how else and in what way I could describe what is happening. Again, I remind that this is the vocabulary of Aleksandar Vucic. “

The statement by Srpska Lista signed by Srdjan Vulovic, came after a press release sent by the opposition Movement Otadzbina led by Slavisa Ristic as a reaction to the formation, as they say – the Kosovo Army, which they accused that it was done based on an alleged secret agreement reached in Rome by the Serbian and Kosovo presidents, which was first made by the leader of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremic. In this announcement, however, Otadzbina used harsh words.

„Serbs got three in one with the president of Serbia: a thief, a liar, and a traitor,“ Otadzbina stressed, while for Srpska Lista, and those on the Kosovo payroll, they wrote: „You cannot have both the Siptar money and the Serbian state.“




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