SL: We will not take part in the April elections


Srpska Lista announced today that it will not be participating in the local elections in the north scheduled for the 23rd of April.

The party specified that the decision was made because „the demands due to which we left the Kosovo institutions were not met.“

„Our political party will not take part in the elections, nor will we take part in any elections until our legitimate demands are met,“ SL said in a statement today.

When the Serbs in the north decided to leave Kosovan institutions, SL announced that they would return only after Pristina starts respecting international law and the agreements reached in Brussels – that is, until it withdraws its unilateral and illegal decisions on re-registration, forms the ASM in accordance with the First Agreement and all other agreements concluded on this matter within the dialogue, based on the work of the team in charge of the drafting of the ASM Draft Statute.

Srpska Lista’s announcement arrived after the Kosovo Central Election Commission sent a notice to this party that the deadline for parties to apply to take part in the extraordinary elections in the municipalities in the north beins on the 9th of March and ends on the 18th of March.

„This makes it obvious that Pristina and its Central Election Commission are trying to hold elections unilaterally in the north of Kosovo, against the will of the citizens, without respecting the legitimate interests of the Serb people.“

Today, the Central Election Commission officially started pre-election activities as per the operational plan for the extraordinary elections in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo scheduled for April 23rd/

The elections were previously scheduled to be held in December.

Even at that point, SL declared that their party would not participate in the elections.

The elections were called after the Serbs left all Kosovo institutions in the north of Kosovo in November of last year, including Serb representatives in municipalities, the government and the Assembly, as well as the presidents of the municipal election commissions in the north.

Pristina then announced local elections in the north, and acting officials from other areas were appointed to the positions of four presidents of municipal election commissions.

Back in December, their arrival at the offices of the MEC in the north in order to start preparations for the elections triggered another series of tensions and led to the postponement of the elections.

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