Serbian pro-governmental media: Vucic wins, Kurti – „knocked out, capitulated and turned tail“

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The Belgrade and Pristina delegations reached an agreement in Brussels yesterday on the resolution of the crisis in the north of Kosovo, as well as an interim agreement on license plates. Although the agreement states that vehicles with RKS plates will be allowed to enter Serbia proper, albeit with a sticker, and that Serbian symbols on the license plates of cars entering Kosovo will also have to be covered, tabloids and pro-governmental dailies in Serbia have been describing the agreement as „Vucic’s victory“ and „Kurti’s capitulation.“

According to the agreement reached in Brussels, the special police units deployed at Brnjak and Jarinje crossings, as well as the roadblocks set by Serbs, will be removed this Saturday starting from 8 am and finishing no later than 4 pm. KFOR will deploy at the crossings and remain there for approximately two weeks. As of October 4th, the sticker regime will be used as a temporary measure, i.e. stickers will be used to cover „state symbols“ on Serbian vehicles entering Kosovo and on the vehicles with RKS plates entering the territory under the control of the Serbian government. A working group will be established to find a permanent solution to the license plate issue. The Group will present its findings on a permanent solution to the high-level format of the dialogue.

Speaking about the agreement, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said that the „right to freedom of movement was thus defended in Brussels“ and peace was preserved. He furthermore claimed that this is a compromise solution, one that is important for Serbia. Vucic also revealed that he is personally satisfied with this solution.

And while Vucic is boasting that the agreement is Serbia’s success, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, presents the agreement as his victory.

According to Kurti, it represents the start of „a new era of Serbia beginning to learn what reciprocity means.“

While international officials are congratulating the two sides on the agreement, the opposition in Kosovo is criticizing Kurti’s government for „putting special forces and protesters in the same basket“, while also reminding that part of the agreement on stickers was reached in 2016, which Kurti’s party strongly criticized at the time.

Today’s headlines in pro-governmental media and tabloids in Serbia, however, present this interim agreement as Serbia’s success.

„Victory – Shiptars must withdraw from the north, no one is allowed to remove Serbian plates“; „Shiptars turn tail – Rosu is fleeing from the north“, „ROSU is retreating, license plates won’t be removed“, „Vucic knocks out Kurti“, „Vucic’s victory, Kurti capitulates“ – read some of the headlines that adorn today’s cover pages of Informer, Vecernje novosti, Srpski Telegraf…

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