Serbian and Kosovan officials trade insults: “Nationalist scum,” “Serb-hater”


Pristina and Belgrade officials traded harsh words yesterday. After the adviser to the outgoing Kosovo Foreign Minister, Jetlir Zyberaj referred to the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric as “nationalist scum,” Djuric’s deputy at the Kosovo Office, Dusan Kozarev called Zyberaj a “Serb-hater.”

Yesterday’s celebration of the Orthodox holiday of St. Mitar’s Day in North Mitrovica – also attended by the head of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric – appears to have served as an occasion for a new rise in tensions between Pristina and Belgrade.

„Marko Djuric is nationalist scum,“ an adviser to the outgoing Kosovo foreign minister, Jetlir Zyberaj said in Pristina yesterday while commenting on Djuric’s visit to the north of Kosovo.

„Such statements, contrary to the purpose for which the (entry) permit was given, are just a clear indication to the international community that the refusal of such visits is appropriate from time to time and will happen in the future. In the future, our EU partners should not pressure us to approve visits to Serbian nationalist scum such as Djuric. The EU has completely failed and we will review this report in terms of coordination. Such things will not be tolerated in our country,“ Zyberaj told the Pristina-based Gazeta Express.

Later in the day, in a short telephone conversation with KoSSev, Zyberaj confirmed that these allegations are true. When asked if this was an appropriate or acceptable vocabulary in diplomatic communication, he replied:

„Yes. He is nationalist scum. You can read everything I have to say about him in my statement.“

In a response to Zyberaj’s insults, the deputy director of the Kosovo Office, Dusan Kozarev told KoSSev that the Pristina official is “one of the biggest Serb-haters in Kosovo.”

According to Kozarev, Zyberaj’s “hate speech” was simply “a reflection of his most intimate and sickest chauvinist feelings.”

„Zyberaj is no exception or a lone individual. He is the image of the fake ‘Republic of Kosovo’ today, and his greatest achievements in life are his banning of the matches of junior teams BC Poletarac and BC Ras and Suzana Stojadinovic’s art exhibition. It seems that the entire Albanian so-called political elite in Kosovo will have to undergo collective treatment and denazification,” the deputy director stressed.

Kozarev also said that Djuric was labeled this way because he said that Oliver Ivanovic was not a war criminal, adding that „the anger caused by this statement indicates where exactly the instigators of this murder should be looked for.“



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