Serb entrepreneurs pay visit to colleagues in North Mitrovica, agree to establish entrepreneurial associations

Privrednici u KM
Foto: KoSSev

A group of Serbian entrepreneurs operating within the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and a number of Kosovo Serb entrepreneurs met in North Mitrovica yesterday and agreed to establish 10 entrepreneurial associations in the ten Serb-majority areas in Kosovo.

Following the change of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Act in 2015, the former Union of Entrepreneurs from Kosovo and Metohija, which existed under that name within the SCC, was annexed to the fourth pillar of the SCC – entrepreneurship. The highest body of this pillar is the parliament.

There is currently no Kosovo Serb entrepreneurs in the parliament of the SCC due to the dysfunctionality of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (sponsored by Serbia), which has so far delegated no members to the SCC. This is why it was agreed upon yesterday that entrepreneurs from Kosovo will join this body through ten entrepreneurial associations’, followed by their delegates – which they hope will be established soon in the ten Serb-majority communities.

President of the Council of Entrepreneurs within the SCC, Milivoje Armus shared his support to the Kosovo Serb entrepreneurs, emphasizing that he sees them as being part of the Serbian economic system.

„We have no knowledge that Kosovo is not Serbia. When we find that out, then we’ll probably think differently,“ Armus said.

Armus pointed out that, according to the information he received at meetings in North Mitrovica, some Serbian entrepreneurs are not registered within the Serbian system. He also talked about the problems of Kosovo Serb entrepreneurs, specifically underlining the problem of registration, that is, the dual system which exists at the local level.

„Since we have two countries here – Kosovo and Serbia, we advocate that you (entrepreneurs from Kosovo) become members of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce,“ he said.

Armus explained that people always say that entrepreneurs are not interested in politics and that it makes no sense to give politics a place in entrepreneurship, however, he admits that without politics, entrepreneurs cannot form their businesses.

The five-member delegation from Serbia spent two days in North Mitrovica. Fifteen entrepreneurs from the north of Kosovo and three from Gracanica were present at the meeting yesterday.



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