Selakovic: Today or tomorrow, the date for the continuation of the dialogue; information on the meeting between Srpska Lista and the President in due time

Nikola Selakovic, the Presidency Secretary of the President of Serbia, said he believes a new date for the continuation of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue will be known today or tomorrow.

“At this moment, it is important for the dialogue to continue,“ Selakovic told RTS, adding: “I am confident that we will get a new date for the next meeting in Brussels either today or tomorrow.”

Bekim Colak, an advisor to the President of Kosovo Hasim Taci, previously confirmed that high-level dialogue would continue by the end of June.

He added that the “final phase of the dialogue with Serbia” will be concluded within six to nine months.

“This is connected to elections within EU institutions,” he told T7.

Announcements on the Presidential dialogue followed after an advisor to the Kosovo Prime Minister and Kosovo technical delegation chief, Avni Arifi confirmed he had refused an invitation for a new round of technical dialogue.

These kinds of messages from Pristina were one of the reasons why representatives of Srpska Lista requested a consultation yesterday with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

“Because of the attitudes of Albanians who are trampling over the Brussels negotiations and the dialogue, and the loud silence from Brussels, Srpska Lista will address Belgrade and ask President Vucic to conduct consultations and define the next steps,” the President of the Srpska Lista, Goran Rakic, said, as reported by TV Most

Srpska Lista reacted again yesterday.

The Kosovo Assembly adopted, as was reported in the Kosovo media two days ago, a resolution to implement the previously signed agreement between Kosovo and Albania on “the unification of customs points.”

Nevertheless, Srpska Lista reacted a day later, arguing that the new resolution was another reason why they should meet with the Serbian President.

“Customs unification is completely unacceptable for us and it represents a product of political violence in the Assembly in Pristina. Srpska Lista considers this decision a clear manifestation of policies towards a so-called Greater Albania. This action is confirmation of the most pressing need for a meeting of representatives from Srpska Lista with President Vucic,” TV Most also reported.

However, Selakovic did not specify today when this “urgent meeting” would be held.

“You will be informed in due time if the consultations will be held,” he told RTS, adding that the President of Serbia and the Government of Serbia are the “greatest allies” of Serbs in Kosovo and that “there is no one who understands the problems better”, and also resolves them.



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