„Republic“ inscription on imported products from Serbia, not from other countries

 The outgoing Kosovo government introduced a new set of measures late Saturday night as part of the introduction of the reciprocity principle, which replaced 100% taxes on goods from Serbia since April – from now on, vehicles with Serbian goods cannot enter Kosovo without a special permit, and documents for the import of goods must contain the inscription „Republic of Kosovo.“

The Kosovo Ministry of Economy ordered the removal of goods that „are not in accordance with the Constitution of Kosovo“ last night, noting that „special attention should be paid to national symbols and emblems.“

„The order says that the market inspection should remove all goods that are not in accordance with the Constitution of Kosovo and the current legislation,“ the instruction of Minister Rosetta Hajdari reads.

Therefore, the fact that manufacturers, i.e. distributors, from Serbia have been placing labels with the inscription „Kosovo“ on their products since taxes were abolished will no longer be enough if this measure remains in force.

On the other hand, however, store shelves in Kosovo are flooded with imported products from the region and further abroad whose declarations also omitted the inscription „Republic of Kosovo.“ Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, and Germany are just some of the countries whose products have „Kosovo“ labels.

Kosovo distributors themselves have such declarations. By randomly inspecting stores in North Mitrovica this morning, the KoSSev portal confirmed that the store shelves contain imported products with Kosovo declarations.

Preuzimanje i objavljivanje tekstova sa portala KoSSev nije dozvoljeno bez navođenja izvora. Hvala na poštovanju etike novinarske profesije.