Radoicic to Kurti: You are an occupier, time will tell who will suffer and pay in the end

Foto: (KoSSev) Igor Simić, Goran Rakić i Milan Radojčić

„The threat you made today from Brussels, primarily to the Serbian people, clearly shows that you, Albin Kurti, do not want dialogue, you do not want peace, instead, you want conflicts and to take revenge on all those whom you can neither buy nor break,“ the Vice President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, sent a message to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, yesterday.

A high-level meeting between the Serbian president and the Kosovo prime minister was held in Brussels on Thursday.

At the meeting, among other things, they discussed early elections in the north of Kosovo as a means of replacing the current mayors.

The Kosovo Prime Minister said that he cannot ask the mayors to resign and „suffer because of the mistakes of Srpska Lista“, stressing that this party made a mistake by leaving the Kosovo institutions.

„Srpska Lista maliciously made a big mistake when it first left the system. Now, we cannot suffer and pay for their mistake. Those who make mistakes will suffer and pay for them. I want people to participate in the new elections, and that is why there is a possibility of a petition – to start the process towards ending the mandate with 20% of signatures,“ Kurti said after the meeting with Vucic.

In the meantime, the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic, reacted, interpreting Kurti’s statement as a threat to the party and Serbs.

Radoicic alleged that „with the threat he sent,“ the Prime Minister of Kosovo thus „showed his nervousness and true face in front of the eyes of the entire international community“.

„99.9% of the Serbian people decided not to participate in the elections under the pressure of the boots of your special forces, smeared with the blood of Serbs who were shot and beaten by them, and Srpska Lista joined in that decision because it was and always will be with its people,“ he said.

Radoicic says that this „threat is real“, noting that they are not afraid.

„On this occasion, aware that your threat is real because in the previous period, you have shown that you can cause chaos, incite conflicts and hatred, abuse institutions and use them to persecute Serbs without any evidence, I want to tell you that you did not scare us in the slightest –neither Serbian people or Srpska Lista; you are just another occupier who thinks he can enslave the Serbian people, but keep in mind that there are more of us than you can possibly arrest,“ the Vice President of SL said to Kurti.

„Like all occupiers, you can do as you want, but not as long as you want.“

Radoicic emphasized that time will tell „who will suffer and pay in the end.“

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