Rada Trajkovic: They offered me a tape with a recording of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

Rada Trajković

Translation provided by KoSSev

The head of the European Movement of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, Rada Trajkovic said she was offered a copy of a videotape recording of the murder of the GI SDP leader, Oliver Ivanovic. Trajkovic, however, she added that she refused to take it, maintaining that the evidence should be presented to Pristina’s prosecutor’s office.

„Before going to North Mitrovica, I was under incredible pressure. I was told that the Skaljari and Kavac clan members, the mafia… would be waiting to kill me. They also came to the headquarters of our Freedom coalition,“ Rada Trajkovic told the Danas daily newspaper. Trajkovic recently launched her pre-election campaign for the upcoming Kosovo elections at the site of Ivanovic’s assassination in North Mitrovica.

„Some people, I would say from non-transparent circles, have offered me a copy of the tape (with a recording) of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. I was told that one tape was given to someone in government and another was offered to me. I said that I don’t take nor do I give money, and that this evidence, if they are in possession of it, should be offered to Prosecutor Syle in Pristina,“ she emphasized.

Trajkovic also said she would never give up on finding the perpetrator of Ivanovic’s murder. She claimed that she is not using the election campaign to promote herself, but to show citizens the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic’s policy toward Kosovo.

The head of the European Movement of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija said that she did not always agree with Ivanovic politically, but that they had united political goals.

„To this day, I still have Oliver’s message he sent me five days before the murder, which reads: They might kill me, but I can’t quit, I would bring shame to my family. That would not bring honor to my family,“ Trajkovic said.



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