Pristina and the region on Vucic’s visit: Milosevic’s militant office member and the EU’s most preferred autocrats

Aleksandar Vučić, Gazivode, FOTO: KoSSev
Aleksandar Vucic, Gazivode, FOTO: KoSSev

„In 1989, the all-powerful Serbian leader Milosevic chose to appear as a Kosovo Serb defender in Gazimestan. In 2018, the all-powerful leader Vucic chose to appear as a Kosovo Serb defender in the north of Kosovo. Victimization for the implementation of plans in the name of redefining relations between Kosovo and Serbia, between Albanians and Serbs. New circumstances, the same goal, different methods. Milosevic’s Gazimestan was an introduction to a new chapter, military means even. The result is known. Vucic’s north of Kosovo aims to enter a new chapter, in a peaceful way, in agreement with Hashim Thaci. The result is not known. Vucic’s defilement through the territory of Kosovo, the country he visited, was aimed to demarcate his ‘terrain’, just like a wolf,“ is how the Kosovo Assembly deputy Visar Ymeri reacted to the two-day visit of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to Kosovo and his announced historic speech in North Mitrovica. Other leaders of the Kosovo opposition criticized the visit and the speech as well, but also the decision of the Kosovo authorities to allow the visit. The members of the ruling coalition, analysts and media in the region also reacted and commented on Vucic’s mention of Slobodan Milosevic. We publish some of their reactions below.

Member of Milosevic’s war cabinet

„The most desirable autocrat of the European Union, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, speaking in front of a Serbian audience, glorified his former boss and predecessor, Slobodan Milosevic during his visit to Kosovo: Milosevic was a great Serb leader; he obviously had the best goals, but the results were much worse. The good intention of the Balkan Butcher was the creation of Greater Serbia. At the height of his genocidal campaign in Kosovo, his military and paramilitary forces forcefully expelled more than 900,000 Albanians and killed more than 12,000 Kosovo Albanians. That is why NATO intervened with the 78 day air campaign in the spring of 1999 until the end of this „good intent“ by Vucic’s predecessor. Vucic was a member of Milosevic’s war cabinet during the Kosovo war. His praises for the butchering that took place are on the website of his SNS party,“ the former Kosovo Ambassador in London Muhamet Hamiti posted on his Facebook page.

„Vucic rehabilitated Milosevic in Kosovo“ – the title on the cover page of the Pristina-based newspaper Koha Ditore.

The Kosovo partition plan has come to life

„Today, Hashim and Ramush told the world (in agreement with Vucic) that they control Kosovo from Drenica and South Mitrovica. Today, the plan of Hashim and Vucic for the project of a Kosovo partition line has come to life… Now it’s up to us to decide whether to accept their deviant plan. I believe that Kosovo has guys who will resist or undermine Hashim’s and Vucic’s plan for the partition of Kosovo. Today, silence means recognition. You who are silent today endanger the future of Kosovo more than those who are working on the implementation of Hashim and Vucic’s plan,“ reads the message from the deputy in the Kosovo Assembly of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Haxhi Avdyli.

Imagine Hitler as a good politician

„Imagine a German politician some years after the war saying that Hitler was a good politician with bad results. And then say that he/she wants good relations with the Jewish people. That’s what Vucic did today in Kosovo,” the Mayor of Pristina Shpend Ahmeti tweeted.

Vucic with Milosevic’s guidebook

„Vucic is playing dangerous games as he comes to Kosovo with Milosevic’s guidebook. Serbia is returning to its dark past and the EEAS should immediately condemn such policy. This visit puts in doubt the role of the EU in dialogue, if it is moving from facilitator to underminer; I repeat: Vucic in Gazivoda is the same as Milosevic in Gazimestan in 1989! Images from there are images of shame and chauvinism. This is testimony of the EEAS in promoting anti-European policy in the Balkans. I was against his visit in Gazivoda and still oppose it strongly,” the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj posted on social networks.

The weirdest thing and nice things about Milosevic

„The weirdest thing with Vucic’s speech today in Kosovo. It was supposed to reveal the Solution. The Deal. And then he says “we will have an agreement maybe in 10 or 20 years”. Dude. All the melodrama. Total downer. Anticlimatic. Plus saying nice things about Milosevic. Nil points, “tweeted the former Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Petrit Selimi.

Vucic’s arrival is the result of secret deals

“His (Vucic’s) arrival to Kosovo is the result of secret deals with Thaci. What happened these two days with Vucic pulling ‘a Milosevic visit’ is just part of the hidden scenarios of the ‘normalization’ of relations with Serbia. Under such circumstances, there is nothing to be surprised about what Vulin said today regarding what happened in Drenica. You expect nothing different from the enemy,” said the Vetevendosje movement deputy Rexhep Selimi.

Demonstrations – the perfect simulation

„I think that what we are seeing today from Kosovo is the perfect simulation of both sides, in order to get as many arguments for the new deal they are preparing,“ analyst Krenar Gashi said for Bosnian daily newspaper Dnevni Avaz.

He emphasized that Vucic and Thaci are “ part of the elite who created separate realities in both countries.“

„Serbia’s efforts to build its statehood have been ignored in Kosovo. Local politicians persistently repeated that they are „finished with Serbia“ and that the politicians there do not play any role in Kosovo’s future. However, in Serbia, they have continued to maintain the ‘reality’ that nothing has changed in Kosovo since 1999.

These separate realities met in Brussels, but have not collided yet. I recently published a great survey in which I showed that the European Union has made a change in the context of the problems of Kosovo and Serbia and is now pretending that some deal has already been reached. This, as well as leading a dialogue with very high ambitions, has only led to the strengthening of separate realities in both countries.

And then we witnessed the turn in the presidents of the two countries. Their idea of an exchange of territory and the drawing of new borders emerged from these virtual realities they created. They try to present themselves as realists who are able to enter into a legally binding agreement and thereby resolve the conflict once and for all.

But now both Vucic and Thaci face the virtual reality they have been encouraging. It seems that they are desperate to change the discourses they have set up. This ‘micro development’ of events, but also the others that will follow, therefore, are just an attempt to change the previously set course.“

„Croatian media criticized Vucic who glorified Milosevic in Mitrovica! In the meantime, Hashim, Ramush and Kadria were worried over the blockades on the streets Vucic was supposed to pass to reach Drenica. Now, in the end, he will come out with some patriotic phraseology by threatening a red apple with a knife,“ said the LDK Kosovo Assembly deputy Armend Zemaj.


The continued tradition of Slobodan Milosevic, they do not come to help Serbs but to promote themselves using old rhetoric

„I want to emphasize that I was against his visit to Gazivode, because I thought that such action does not contribute to peace and dialogue at this time. But at the insistence of our international partners, we allowed the visit. I believe that the demonstration on the Gazivode dam is a clear indication of the logic of political hegemony, but it is also against every security rule because there is no democratic practice which guarantees security measures for holding a press conference on the dam.

Nevertheless, I believe that it was good that his visit took place, as he once again proved that the leaders of Serbia continue the tradition of Slobodan Milosevic. They do not come to help protect Kosovo Serbs, but they come to promote themselves. As always, with old rhetoric and against a peaceful future,“ said the chairman of the Kosovo Assembly Kadri Veseli.

„Vucic entered politics as Seselj’s follower, do not expect him to change his ideological matrix “

„Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic entered politics as a follower of Chetnik commander Vojislav Seselj and no one should expect of him to change his ideological matrix one day. That is why Vucic’s speech in Kosovo, in which he glorified the criminal Slobodan Milosevic and justified the defeat of his policy with „bad estimates“, the normal continuity of ideology from Ilija Garasanin and ‘Nacertanije’, from Milosevic to Vucic. Nothing has changed, and it will not change, except that today’s Serbia is weak and poor, so it can threaten but not destroy as it did in the 1990s,“ a Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji List wrote in an article yesterday entitled“ VUCIC ENTERED POLITICS AS SESELJ’S FOLLOWER, DO NOT EXPECT HIM TO CHANGE HIS IDEOLOGICAL MATRIX: Two hundred thousand bodies…“

EU (Kocijancic): We do not comment

The same newspaper asked the EU representatives yesterday to comment on Aleksandar Vucic’s statements that „Slobodan Milosevic had good intentions, but he did not understand the situation in the world well“; „Is this a harsh provocation for Milosevic’s victims in Kosovo?“; „What does the EU think about Vucic’s attacks on those whom Milosevic and Serb generals handed over to the Hague, since cooperation with the Hague was an obligation imposed by the EU?“

EU Spokesperson Maja Kocijancic told Jutarnji List:

„While we do not comment, the facts are well known. Let me just mention a few: Milosevic was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity in the former Yugoslavia at the International War Crimes Tribunal, and the International Court of Justice concluded that he failed to prevent the genocide in Bosnia. He was also on the list of the European Union sanctions. So, this is a good explanation of our attitude. We have said several times that you must avoid agitating rhetoric. We need real dedication, wisdom and peace to make progress in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and in order for the two sides to go forward on a European path.“

Minister of Information in Milosevic’s government

Russia Today picked up the text of RIA Novosti, under the headline „Milosevic had the best intentions, said Vucic”. The short text, next to part of Vucic’s speech in which he mentions Milosevic, includes a brief biography of Slobodan Milosevic and the fact that Aleksandar Vucic was the Minister of Information during Milosevic’s mandate.

This newspaper also observed that apart from mentioning the „generally known facts from the EU“, there is no „clear condemnation of glorifying Slobodan Milosevic as an important leader“.

Serbia’s cooperation with the Hague Tribunal has been and remains a condition, emphasized the Jutarnji List newspaper.

„The EU has not reacted to the fact that in the Serbian Assembly the mandate of a deputy is carried out by Vojislav Seselj, even after his war crimes conviction by the Hague Tribunal. Even after representatives of international mechanisms, who assumed the role from the Hague Tribunal, made it clear that Serbia did not cooperate fully with that court, there was no condemnation from the EU, however, Serbia was allowed to open new chapters. In the meantime, Vucic is not only not ensuring co-operation, but he is also accusing those who had cooperated with the Hague Tribunal in the past,“ Jutarnji List wrote.

„He thinks about his neighbors the same as Milosevic did“

Author Zeljko Trkanjec, in a commentary for this Croatian newspaper, in an article titled, „ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT OTHER DESTRUCTIVE IDEAS ARE HIDING IN VUCIC’S MIND, he proved with his scandalous speech that he thinks about his neighbors the same as Milosevic did,“ wrote the following:

„It may sound clichéd, but the speech of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in North Mitrovica can be optimally described by the saying „a leopard can’t change its spots“. And as we announced in the Jutarnji List on Sunday, since he had lost his border change trump card which he thought to use to hail himself as a savior of Serbs in Serbia, he had to deliver another in a series of his long, monotonous, tedious speeches with the same message: I protect Serbs. Everyone and everywhere.

And he played with historical paraphrases of Stefan Nemanja and other Serbian historical figures, and placed Slobodan Milosevic by their side. The man who was responsible for the crimes of Vukovar, Skabrnje, Sarajevo and Srebrenica, for the murdered and expelled children, he (Vucic) did not blink while naming him a „great Serb leader“ with the best intentions.

When he came to power six years ago, Vucic claimed that he wanted a European Serbia and good relations with his neighbors. A leader who believes that Milosevic was great cannot build a European Serbia or good relations with his neighbours. Because he thinks of them the same as Milosevic did, that they should be under the authority of Belgrade. Subjects.

And what he thinks of the Bosniaks is clearly shown by stating that Mesa Selimovic is a Serb. Dervishes are a famous heritage of Serbian people.

And we saved the highlight for the end: that there was never a sahovnica (chessboard) in Knin. A clear political message that the Serbian President continues to make serious claims to the Croatian state, that he does not recognize internationally defined borders, and that he does not know anything about the history of this area, which, for him, obviously begins with Milosevic coming to power.

And Vucic did not move even a millimeter from the rhetoric of his idol who died in a Hague Tribunal’s cell, and which he had left, until now, to his mentor, a confirmed war criminal Vojislav Seselj.

At one point in his speech, he says: ‘I don’t know, God knows.’ Yes, only God knows what other dark and destructive ideas are hidden in Vucic’s mind.“

„Revision of Milosevic’s Policy“

Similar comments on, according to a number of analysts and media in the region, „the revision of Milosevic’s policy“ and „rehabilitation“ of Milosevic himself and the role he played in the former Yugoslavia, were also presented to the Bosnian public.

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