Prince Filip: Construction of MHPP on the Sar Mountain must be stopped without delay

FOTO: FB, Princ Filip i princeza Danica Karađorđević

Local authorities of the Municipality of Strpce, the competent Kosovo institutions and the authorities of the Republic of Serbia must stop the construction and destruction of one of the most beautiful mountains in the Balkans – the devastation of the Sara National Park – without delay, Prince Filip Karadjordjevic said today.

“We have faced the destruction of river flows and the construction of mini hydroelectric power plants in the Balkans in the past, and this process has reached catastrophic proportions. The latest news we receive from the Sar Mountains is that an MHPP is being built in the national park and that one of the most beautiful mountains in the Balkans is being destroyed,” Karadjordjevic wrote on Facebook.

The size of construction work, which is destroying the springs, streams, rivers and the Lepenac River, threatens to „turn this area into a place where an ecological catastrophe occurred“ – he stressed.

Karadjordjevic also added that the population of Sirinicka Zupa region, both Serbs and Albanians, „have been sharing the same troubles for five years and are jointly and unanimously fighting against the construction of the MHPP“.

„That fact alone is an additional motive and message, which preserves common life and shared values,“ he said.



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