Presevo: Reciprocity is the minimum requirement, joining Kosovo is the maximum

Foto: FoNet

Reciprocity towards Serbia – the idea proposed by the ​​Self-Determination leader, Albin Kurti, is the „minimum requirement“ of the Vranje Basin, and „the maximum requirement is for it to be merged with Kosovo“ – the Mayor of Presevo,​​ Shqiprim Arifi told T7. Arifi also spoke about Albania’s plan to open a consulate in the municipality, which the Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic is „delaying“, Pristina-based Gazeta Express reported.

After winning the elections held on October 6th, 2019, the leader of the Self-Determination movement, Albin Kurti met with representatives of the Vranje Basin, including the Mayor of Presevo, Shqiprim Arifi, on several occasions.

Arifi told T7 that he had discussed reciprocity with Kurti.

„We discussed details about reciprocity. About the politics it practices and what it means. This is our minimum requirement,“ he said.

On the other hand, according to Arifi, the „maximum requirement“ of the Vranje Basin is for it to be merged with Kosovo.

„Our maximum demand is to be joined to Kosovo and respect the 1992 referendum that demonstrates the Basin’s willingness to join Kosovo. We fully support reciprocity,“ said Arifi.

The Mayor of Presevo also told T7 that Albania plans to open a consulate in this municipality. However, the Serbian Foreign Minister is delaying it – he added.

„Albania is expected to open a consulate in Presevo, but Dacic is delaying it.“

The leader of the Self-Determination Movement has repeatedly met with representatives of the Vranje Basin after winning the October 6th elections. He reiterated that Albania and Kosovo „should work together on improving the position of Albanians, especially those living in the Presevo Valley“.

Kurti said that the victory of the Self-Determination party in the elections would „lead to the fulfillment of the Albanian historical efforts to achieve a dignified equality policy“. On the other hand, on October 15th, Arifi defined the victory of Self-Determination as „an increase in citizens’ confidence in the policy of change“.



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