People’s Party: The threat of Stojanovic being dismissed for „calling out“ the president of Serbia

pretnja otkazom aleksandar stojanović

„The president of the Vucitrn municipality, Aca Misic threatened the deputy of the People’s Party for Kosovo, Aleksandar Stojanovic, with dismissal today just because he spoke at the protest ‘One out of five million’ held in North Mitrovica on Saturday, 2nd February,“ the People’s Party wrote in a statement today. Stojanovic’s statement to the president of the Vucitrn municipality is underway, the president, Aca Misic, confirmed for KoSSev.

Stojanovic received a call to give a written statement in North Mitrovica by noon today regarding his speech at a protest rally „1 out of 5 million“ held on February 2nd, in connection with „allegations of attacks on the Serbian institution (for calling on the President of the Republic of Serbia) and the use of terms (fascism)“.

„Failure to comply with this invitation or failure to submit a written statement by the deadline shall be deemed a serious violation of duty, for which a disciplinary measure may be imposed – the termination of employment in a state service,“ reads the letter signed by the Mayor of Vucitrn, Aca Misic.

The president of the Provisional Authority of Vucitrn municipality, Aca Misic told KoSSev that a conversation with employee Aleksandar Stojanovic is in progress and that he cannot give any details.

Misic: We will see what he has violated

Misic pointed out that „he did not see“ that a scanned invitation sent to the employee Aleksandar Stojanovic, bearing Misic’s signature, was released to the public.

When asked whether and what internal procedures Stojanovic violated, he did not have a concrete answer.

„We will see,“ he said, repeating the same answer when asked if there was a possibility of Stojanovic’s dismissal.

Stojanovic addressed the gathered citizens during the protest, after a woman who introduced herself as Vitoslava Arifovic accused the gathered citizens of breaking Serbian unity. We publish his speech in its entirety.

„She supported Aleksandar Vucic, and now she wants to break this little freedom with criminals, killers, so that we are never allowed to say anything, so that we cannot gather, so that our cars are burned like Oliver Ivanovic’s, so that our cars are burned like Dragisa Milovic’s, for Serbia to have no freedom at all, they send us such (as her) so that our future generations do not have freedom, for our Serbhood to be extinguished, for our freedom to be extinguished. Serbs, resist the fear, resist the criminal Aleksandar Vucic and his criminals, rise up in unity and fight for future generations, so that they can think freely, so that they can speak freely, so that our children can walk freely, so that Serbia can be free. Get up and fight, freedom, Serbia, democracy, justice, death to totalitarianism, death to Fascism, long live freedom, long live the freedom movement. „

The People’s Party announced that it will protect its members and all citizens from, as their statement reads, „Vucic’s lackeys.“

„We promise to Misic, as well as to his boss in Belgrade, that they will soon be held responsible for the terror that they have conducted over their own people for years,“ the People’s Party underlined.



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