PDK MP: „Serbs to respect the ‘KLA’ because it also fought for their freedom“

Foto: Gazeta Ekspress
Foto: Gazeta Ekspress

Translation provided by KoSSev

Source: Gazeta Express (The text was originally translated from Albanian, the title of the text has been adapted)

One of the articles of the Draft Law on the Protection of the „KLA“ War Values, initiated by the PDK party, reads that all citizens of Kosovo are obliged to respect the „KLA.“ When asked about Serb citizens who have a different view of the Liberation Army, PDK MP, Gazmend Bytyqi said that the KLA also fought for their freedom.

Speaking about the articles (cf. of the draft law), which foreign embassies consider as problematic, Bytyqi says that it is possible to revise them.

„We are not saying they should remain like that. We are open to changes,“ Bytyqi said.

According to this PDK MP, Serbs in Kosovo should be taught to respect the „KLA“ because, in his words, it also fought for their freedom.

„We understand the political reality. We understand how the state of Kosovo was formed, with which allies it was formed. We also understand the Constitution, but we must also teach the citizens of Serb nationality that the ‘KLA’ fought for their freedom as well.“

„It would benefit them to get rid of centuries-old propaganda that Kosovo is their country, with all that false mythology. Kosovo is a country of its citizens, and everyone within it must get used to it, but also its neighbors,“ he added.

Bytyqi did not reveal whether this law will sanction everyone who has a different opinion on the „KLA,“ but he said that those who insult the „KLA“ would be sanctioned as per basic Kosovo laws.

„When it comes to this law, we will adapt to the basic laws of the Republic of Kosovo.“

„I would not wish for this law to scare any citizen of Kosovo,“ the PDK MP said, among other things.



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