Over 30 families from N. Mitrovica presented with new apartments on Christmas Eve

The head of the Kosovo Office, Petar Petkovic handed over the keys to 36 apartments – out of a total of 96 apartments built last year, to young married couples from North Mitrovica today.

Petkovic conducted the ceremony of the official handover of the keys to one of the eight recently built residential buildings in North Mitrovica in the Bosniak Mahala today.

„There is no better present for the state of Serbia than to see the smiles on the faces of these wonderful people today, on Christmas Eve, to whom we handed over the apartments keys,“ Petkovic said today in front of a residential building in Luja Braja Street.

Petkovic recalled that in 2020, in addition to these buildings built in North Mitrovica, five more buildings were built in Leposavic, two in Zvecan, and three in Zubin Potok. The value of the investments amounts to 330 million dinars.

The head of the Kosovo Office also extended congratulations from the President of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Serbia on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Petkovic will also attend the traditional yule log lighting in front of the church of St. Dimitrije in North Mitrovica. On Christmas Day, he will be attending a liturgy in Gracanica, after which Petkovic will be the first visitor – the polozajnik (the first person to enter the house on Christmas) – of the Rasic family in Dobrotin.

Accompanying Petkovic was the head of the North Mitrovica Provisional Authority, Aleksandar Spiric and the deputy prime minister of Kosovo and Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic.

Spiric assessed today’s handover of keys to young families as proof of the responsible and serious policy of President Vucic and Srpska Lista.

„The unity is reflected solely through everything we do,“ he said, adding that the Serb people are determined to stay in Kosovo.

Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic, on the other hand, congratulated the new apartment owners, while also wishing the citizens happy holidays.

He also thanked President Vucic and the Kosovo Office for their support.



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