Oliver Ivanovic’s party submits petition to N. Mitrovica municipal assembly: 1,730 citizens request to name a Mitrovica street after the murdered Oliver Ivanovic

Foto: Bojan Slavkovic/AFP

The Citizens’ Initiative (SDP), the party of the murdered Oliver Ivanovic submitted a petition with 1,730 signatures to the North Mitrovica municipal assembly on Thursday, requesting the re-naming of Sutjeska street after its leader Oliver Ivanovic.

The petition was handed over to the municipal assembly session after it was signed by 1,730 citizens, Ivanovic’s party reports today.

They claim, however, that they were met with a „lack of understanding“ from the President of the assembly, Dejan Guresic. The party claimed that Guresic had initially demanded all signatures to be counted, although the petition was submitted along with a supporting document with the specified number of signatures.

„They first demanded that each signature be counted. Our supporting document on the specified number of signatures was apparently insufficient for them. The session ended without announcing whether and if the Assembly will decide on our initiative – which is, I remind, supported by the Mitrovica citizens,“ said Ksenija Bozovic, who was Ivanovic’s party colleague and former President of the assembly, to KoSSev, in an additional interview.

The party emphasised that the Serbian leader Oliver Ivanovic, a citizen of Mitrovica, and as such, in her words, a man who made a „paramount contribution to this city, and finally „gave his life“ to the place, „did not deserve such behavior“ from a municipal institution – added the SDP.

The SDP also criticised what they believed was the lack of transparency of the municipal assembly’s work:

„We are disappointed that media are no longer present at assembly sessions, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Local Self-Government who are under law obliged to monitor and observe the regularity of the work of the Assembly.“

KoSSev tried to get a comment from Dejan Guresic, the President of the North Mitrovica assembly. Upon answering his phone, a KoSSev journalist introduced herself and asked, „How are you?“, after a short break, he broke the connection.

KoSSev has not received any information, including notifications of assembly sessions from the North Mitrovica assembly since last year.

The Serbian leader Oiver Ivanovic, was killed on January 16 in North Mitrovica, in front of his party’s premises. An unknown person/persons fired six bullets into his back, early in the morning in the centre of the city. He was buried in the Alley of Meritorious Citizens in Belgrade, without a commemoration service at the North Mitrovica assembly taking place, where he was an assembly member. Officially, there is no progress in the investigation.

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