Northern Mitrovica Mayor Election: Srpska Lista declare victory

Extraordinary elections for mayor were held in North Mitrovica and Podujevo today. Almost 40% voted in North Mitrovica while in Podujevo the turnout was 40.51%. The CEC has just declared the victory of Srpska Lista candidate Milan Radojevic in Mitrovica and Shpetim Buliqi from LVV in Podujevo.

Prior to this, Srpska Lista had already declared the victory of its candidate, who was the absolute favorite in the pre-election campaign.

„Based on 98% of processed polling stations, the candidate of the Srpska Lista, Milan Radojevic, won 7,884 votes, which is 96.86% of Serbian votes“, the results were announced tonight by the President of Srpska Lista, Goran Rakic.

The processing of conditional votes and the coronavirus positive people’s votes remains to be counted, he explained, adding:

„Which means that Mr. Milan Radojevic will claim an even higher number of votes,“ Rakic ​​is certain about a more positive result.

His forecasts were good this morning as well, an hour and a half after the opening of the polls, when he said that the citizens „went out at dawn and voted en masse for Milan Radojevic“.

Pristina media reported earlier today that he and MPs Igor Simic violated the electoral silence when calling on voters to cast their ballots for Radojevic.

Serbian Office for Kosovo congratulates Milan Radojevic:

„The Serbian people in northern Kosovska Mitrovica have thus confirmed their unwavering will to stay and survive in Kosovo and Metohija, in which they will be supported in every way by President Aleksandar Vučić and the Government of Serbia. Voting for the candidate of the Srpska Lista, our compatriots in Kosovska Mitrovica confirmed and support for the idea of Serbian political unity in Kosovo and Metohija, recognizing in Srpska Lista the umbrella state-building political force in the province,“ its director Petar Petkovic confirmed.

Milan Radojevic thanked the leadership of the Srpska Lista this evening, the state leadership of Serbia for „the huge support during the pre-election process“. He thanked his voters as well.

„I will try to justify their trust as best I can. I have no doubt that I will have the huge support of the president of Srpska Lista and the entire team that has worked so far,“ said Radojevic.

„Politics of continuity“, is the motto that could be heard today in North Mitrovica.

Srpska Lista leaders explained that it has been the six-year success in what they see as the development and beautification of the city, its security, providing young people new chances, the support of Aleksandar Vučić and the strengthening of Serbia’s support.

Once again, North Mitrovica voters came to vote collectively in the early morning hours. They were led by Srpska Lista leaders – Milan Radojevic, Goran Rakic, Aleksandar Spiric, and Igor Simic.

Kosovo Health Minister Armend Zemaj also visited northern Mitrovica during the election day.

Zemaj, the CEC and the Kosovo police assessed the elections as regular and emphasized that anti-epidemic protection measures were respected.

Apart from Milan Radojevic, the other three candidates were: Erden Atic from LVV, independent candidate Dusan Milunovic and Florent Azemi from PDK.




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