No Vucic-Thaci meeting in Brussels. Djuric: „all the lies, deceits and fabrications“, we do not want to see them

Đurić u Briselu

It is confirmed: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will not meet in Brussels today with his Kosovo counterpart, Hashim Thaci. „Vucic is currently on his way to Belgrade“, this is what Tanjug claims. According to the available information so far, provided by the Head of Kosovo Office Marko Djuric, the president will not, however, address to the public until tonight with regard to his visit to Kosovo. “If Vucic comes to Kosovo, he will definitely visit Gazivode Lake,” Djuric emphasized. Precisely the Gazivode Lake seemed to be a hard bone of contention of the visits itinerary to the Kosovo authorities.

In his address to media in front of the EEAS building in Brussels, Djuric said that Serbs did not want to see the Albanian delegation any longer. He claimed that Vucic informed Mogherini on „all the lies, deceits and fabrications“ from Pristina officials, without providing any other detail.

In the meantime, he published a screenshot of an email received from Xhelal Shaqiri to the Serbian side. The email reads that Vucic’s visit was partially approved, i.e. that he was banned from visiting the Gazivoda dam.


Djuric accused Pristina of “reluctance, lack of will and continuing destruction of the dialogue process“. He also accused the EU of „not providing normal conditions for these talks“.

„And all of this led us into this situation that today we do not have even the minimum requirements for talks with the representatives of Pristina. We simply do not want to see them after all the abominations they committed,“ he concluded.

While waiting for the Serbian President to address the public, pro-governmental Belgrade-based media reported that Vucic ordered the Army, police and BIA to „interrupt any communication“ with the Kosovo Police and KFOR.

The media claimed Vucic ordered the termination of communication with „any Albanian and international representatives acting in the territory of Kosovo on the occasion of his visit“.

This latest makeover came ahead of preparations for what was announced as the most important visit of the President to Serbs in Kosovo.

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