N.Mitrovica: Kosovo Serbs working as EULEX’s external security also resign collectively

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Kosovo Serb employees of the private company „Balkan International Security“ who were hired as EULEX’s external security in North Mitrovica, resigned collectively on Sunday, one of the former employees, Ignjat Vuletic, confirmed for KoSSev. According to Vuletic, they decided to do so after police officers in the north tendered their resignations, noting that „they don’t want to be the only Serbs in the police station.“

The Balkan International Security operates throughout the territory of Kosovo.

Until yesterday, the company employed 13 Kosovo Serbs. Now former employee, Ignjat Vuletic, confirmed for KoSSev that he and his colleagues worked as external security for EULEX, whose headquarters are located within the building of the Kosovo Police, across the street from the court.

He says they decided to resign collectively because „they don’t want to be the only Serbs in the police station in Mitrovica.“

In his words, the decision was not made lightly or under duress. Addressing the withdrawal of Serbs from the north from Kosovan institutions, Vuletic states that „something had to change“, and expressed the hope that „there will be no unrest and firefights“.

„We will see what these decisions will bring,“ he concluded.

A large group of North Mitrovica police officers from the Serbian community submitted “resignation requests” this Sunday, as confirmed for KoSSev.

One of the policemen immediately announced that „as of tomorrow, there will be no more Serbian policemen in the north of Kosovo.“

In the meantime, the Kosovo police in Pristina announced that police officers from the Serbian community „have resigned“.

They also said that they can handle the situation. The mass resignation of police officers arrived a day after the political and institutional representatives of Serbs from the north of Kosovo decided to leave all Kosovo institutions, i.e. shortly after yesterday’s gathering in downtown North Mitrovica, where the now former political and institutional representatives in Kosovo institutions from the north of Kosovo, as well as representatives of the health and education sectors in the North, addressed the gathered citizens.

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