Moscow could be more involved over Kosovo, Ambassador says

Russia’s Ambassador to Serbia thinks that Moscow could get more involved in finding a solution to the Kosovo problem. 

In an opinion piece for Belgrade daily Politika, Ambassador Alexander Chepurin said Russia could get “even more deeply involved” if proposals to that effect are made.

“Belgrade is facing ultimate pressure from traditional Serb haters,” the Ambassador wrote adding that Moscow will stay on Belgrade’s side.

“Our view remains unchanged – we will support the decision which Serbia and the Serb people find acceptable. We are starting with the fact that the legal basis for an agreement is the UN Security Council resolution,” Chepurin said.

Commenting what he called unjustified comparisons of Kosovo to Crimea, the Ambassador said these are “two completely different stories”. “The Crimea question is definitively closed. Crimea is Russia, Kosovo is Serbia. That is not just a slogan, that is the legal reality which has to be respected,” Chepurin said.




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