Mogherini: Prishtina Waited Too Long

During the presentation of the annual progress report in Strasbourg today, EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini said that the process of drafting the statute of the Association of Serbian Municipalities has been unnecessarily delayed, but that she welcomes the recent steps taken by the Kosovo government recently. 

"The beginning of the statute drafting process in Prishtina is good news, but Prishtina took too long," Mogerhini stated.

On the same occasion as Head of the EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative, Natalya Apostolova, also held a press conference in Pristina.

Answering the question will the EU ignore, accept or do something else if on the 20th April Serb representatives in Kosovo make a further concrete step towards the "unilateral" formation of the Association, she said that she did not beleive that the Association would be formed on Friday following the fact that Pristina had already initiated the procedure for drafting the Statute.

A more detailed report will proceed later.

She said that she insisted in the beginning of the formation of the Association in previous meetings in both Belgrade and Prishtina.

However, now that steps have been taken by Prishtina, Commissioner Mogherini hopes that the process will reap positive results:

"I encourage the two sides to proceed with determination, with good results."

Una Hajdari



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