Milivojevic: Vucic criticizes those who advocate a frozen conflict, while also leading the same policy

cvijetin milivojević

„This is actually a continuation of the best possible policy advocated by critical public opinion in Serbia, i.e. opposition critical opinion – currently, the policy of a frozen conflict is observed as the best one for Serbia,“ a political scientist, Cvijetin Milivojevic assessed the outcome of the two day long talks in Washington and the signing of an agreement on economic normalization between Belgrade and Pristina. Milivojevic welcomed Washington’s participation in the negotiations because, in his words, the Americans know how to reach a compromise.

„Simply negotiate, do not give up on the negotiations, but do not accept anything that is not in line with Resolution 1244 and, most importantly, that is not in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia,“ Milivojevic told KoSSev last night.

„Most importantly, let there be as many negotiations as possible. I would like for the negotiations to last for years, decades,” he added.

Milivojevic, however, emphasized that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, since the signing of the Brussels Agreement back in 2013, has been „waging war“ against any critical public opinion according to which a frozen conflict is considered better than giving up on Kosovo, while in practice „he is also pursuing the politics of frozen conflict.“

Milivojevic pointed out that everything Vucic mentioned so far as a possibility of compromise, such as delimitation – was not actually a compromise. He also welcomed the US getting involved in the negotiations.

„It is a good thing that Serbia has accepted the negotiations in Washington. Because Americans have shown that they know what a compromise is when they want to make a compromise, and in an earlier conversation, I cited the example of Dayton from ’95. It is absolutely the best compromise that came after the bloodiest war that took place in Europe after World War II. It is the perfect compromise in which all sides won, all of them were respected and all of them did not get what they needed in the end.“

Vucic’s masquerade

„It’s nonsense in principle, and today’s events looked like another episode of that movie. So, this entire masquerade, media preparation, yesterday’s announcements of an apocalypse, declarations about a hero, telegrams of support, and statements of ministers in a government that does not exist because the elections were held in an unconstitutional period. The fake government allegedly adopts support for Vucic for something we don’t know, in the style of a carte blanche support – whatever he decides, it’s great and the best thing for Serbia,“ said Milivojevic, adding that he was still unable to find such a decision on the website of the Government of Serbia.

According to Milivojevic, the media preparation of Vucic’s approach to the politics of the frozen conflict was done so that Vucic would „have a slam dunk“:

„For Vucic to manage to remove, with superhuman efforts, the alleged infamous point 10, in which mutual recognition between Serbia and Kosovo is directly sought after.”

Contrary to Vucic’s success, Milivojevic further explained, the Albanian negotiating party, while showing dissatisfaction with the two points of the agreement – Mini-Schengen and the agreement on Gazivode – did not manage to remove either and these points remained part of the agreement.

„It turns out that the Serbs actually got everything they wanted, and the Albanians got everything they didn’t want.“

„This wasn’t exactly a 5:0 win, but let’s say it was 4:1, which is a good result because we played an even harder away game than the one in Brussels. In Washington, we achieved 14:1 score,“ he stressed.

Something good happened, but there are no successful negotiations without the question of property

Although Milivojevic admitted that „obviously something good“ happened yesterday, he also recalled that seven and a half years have passed since the signing of the Brussels Agreement and Serbia had „failed at putting the topic above all topics“ – the topic of property – on the negotiating table.

He said that it is a topic that interests both Serbs and Albanians, citizens, the church, companies, and the state.

„I have been saying since the beginning that as long as Serbia fails to negotiate the issue of property in Kosovo, as long as it fails to impose it as an agenda and one of the topics of negotiations, our negotiators are unsuccessful. I am fascinated that Vucic and Dacic, as people who went on an adventure called the Brussels Agreement, never managed to impose the property issue. So, it should be considered as a complete issue, not dragged out on individual topics.“

The EU and the USA can understand this topic the best, said Milivojevic.

„For them, property is a matter of the entire democracy, way of life, and ultimately the values ​​of civilization.“

The economic topics that were discussed may now serve as a „push“ for the European mediators to „deal with life a bit,“ Milivojevic emphasized.

He also reminded that everything that Belgrade and Pristina agree on must be presented at the UN Security Council.

„Everything that is not a compromise in the true sense of the word cannot pass in the SC, either for one side or the other, because there are three vetoes against two vetoes.“

On the composition of the Serb delegation:

„Next to Vucic were three people whom he unconditionally trusts, not only politically, but in the business sense, they are the most important to him. Mr. Mali, who is well-versed in all investments from the UAE, from Belgrade Waterfront through to Etihad, etc., Mr. Cadez, who allegedly has perfect relations with Germany, and Germany is very important to Vucic, and who is also the president of the PKS, Mr. Djuric, who is the most loyal soldier of the SNS.“

On Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, who commented on the events in Washington from the Pink TV studios:

„Mr. Dacic did very well in the role of a journalist, he was my colleague from the faculty and he was a great student. Dacic is not a completely reliable person (for Vucic) and that is logical when you bear in mind that Dacic is the head of another political party, or maybe his absence from Washington is some other sign that speaks of a different relationship between the two parties, something like – you, shorty, stay in the corner.“

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