Mihajlovic: Whoever recognizes Kosovo will seal his political career

Milivoje Mihajlović
Foto: Printscreen, N1

Translation provided by KoSSev

Journalist Milivoje Mihajlovic said on the “Novi Dan” talk-show on N1 TV that the visit of US representative, Matthew Palmer would not be of any great importance for Serbia, because the US representatives “do not have much influence in the Balkans.” Mihajlovic also said that the current US administration largely contributed to this situation by sending two representatives.

„The US has a strange attitude towards Serbia. First of all, it appointed two representatives. One was appointed by the State Department, the other by President Donald Trump, so there is a serious mix-up at the very beginning, who has what kind of authority? Grenell came to the region with one idea, Palmer is once again visiting the region with an identical idea, but he uses a stronger vocabulary. It is a visit that shows the impotence of this negotiator and the State Department,“ Mihajlovic said, adding that Palmer is going on a Balkan tour with the sole intention of „writing in his work diary that he had done something.“

Mihajlovic stressed that both US representatives came to the Balkans to „protect their players“.

„I’m primarily talking about Hashim Thaci, whose political position is currently threatened. Both will try to make sure that the upcoming formation of a new government in Pristina does not prove to be fatal for the Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci. He is their player, they’ve been investing in him for 25 years, and it would be foolish for them to lose him from the political scene,” he said, underlining that a lot will still depend on Albin Kurti.

„The pressure to resolve the Kosovo issue is meaningless. We do not have a formed government in Pristina, elections in Serbia will be held in the spring. While the pre-election campaign is underway in Serbia, I am not sure that anyone will want to risk their position by going to Brussels. Nobody in Serbia will recognize Kosovo, whoever does that will basically end his political career,“ Mihajlovic said.

Speaking about the latest media allegations that the Russians will leave their powerful missile defense systems to Serbia, this prominent Serbian journalist said that these are only media speculations, adding that the US military “knows well” what Serbia has in terms of weaponry.

„Americans know better than us that we did not acquire these weapons. We do not have an S400, and they know this better than all our officers,“ Mihajlovic said.

He assessed that the right-wing in Serbia has a small amount of power and that it depends on the proclivities of the authorities.

SNS took over all posts and is ruling over Serbia

„The power of the right-wing is nonexistent unless it has the support of the authorities. If it has the support of the authorities, it has some power, but if it does not have the support of the authorities, it does not exist in Serbia,“ he said, pointing out that all parties in Serbia have lost connections with any kind of ideology.

„The SNS behaves as a party in power. It has taken over all posts and is ruling over Serbia. This is good for the party when it is in power, however, when they are not in power anymore then there will be big problems,“ Mihajlovic added, emphasizing that citizens in Serbia are divided by leaders.

„Serbian citizens choose their leader in front of the television. Everything has become ‘PR’. For the last 30 years, we have had politicians who are actually ‘PR’ politicians. Unfortunately, we have an audience that listens to what politicians are doing, but one which does not watch what politicians are actually doing,“ he said.

Mihajlovic estimated that boycott is the only salvation for opposition parties in Serbia.

„For the opposition, a boycott is the only way out to survive on the political scene. They have no alternative to secure some sort of political survival in the current balance of power. Some people can support the boycott, while some people do not support it. We will see how the media will define itself accordingly. There is polarization in society, some are in favor of the boycott, while others are against it. It all comes down to the ‘PR’ and the spin. We have an empire of fake news in our media so whoever manipulates the public in a better way will fare better,“ he concluded.



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