Mayor Rakic to Gorani people on St. George's Day: In guarding yourselves, you are protecting Serbia in the South of our province

"I celebrate Djurdjevdan with you wishing you to enjoy it in good health and joy for the good and that each year there are more and more of you in this region. Throughout the centuries, the Serbs and the Goranis shared good and bad, so an unbreakable bond between us, which both nations can be proud of, has been created. Thank you for guarding yourself, you are protecting Serbia in the south of our province," Kosovo Mayor of North Mitrovica Goran Rakic addressed from Gora, while celebrating Djurdjevdan with the Gorani people (St. George Day).

"We had 25,000 to 30,000 people in Gora before the war, and now there are 7,000 people. The situation caused by people fleeing from this place is catastrophic. Representatives of institutions must advise our representatives to listen to a different opinions as well. Instead, the politics that is on the ground is party oriented. There are no intellectuals, professors, doctors, because the representatives are selected to be pure décor, we need a fighter, we do not need a statistic" – said recently at a round table in Laplje Selo in front of Serbian officials from Belgrade and local Serbs, Fergap Zaimi from Gora.

TV Most reports that the Srpska Lista delegation led by Rakic visited Gora while the Srpska Lista chief was introduced to the problems that burden Gorani people.

Continue to fight for survival at your homes and in this fight you will receive the support of the Serbs and the State of Serbia, the Kosovo official noted.

Rakic thanked the Deputy of the Unified Gorani Party, Adem Hoxha, who is part of the Srpska Lista in the Kosovo parliament.

TV Most reports: "Mr. Hoxha pointed out that without the state of Serbia, the Gorani people could not survive in this area, and that is why he expressed gratitude for today's visit confirming the brotherly relationship between the Gorani and the Serbs."

Although in their resignation, as was officially announced, Srpska Lista also attended the ceremonial reception for the 18 year anniversary of its coalition partner's, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, party this week. Haradinaj also thanked the head of the Serbian List.



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