Marko Djuric on the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic: I support all those supported by our people in KiM

I can only tell you that I support all those that enjoy the support of our people in Kosovo and Metohija, the Director of the Kosovo Office, Marko Djuric, said to Insider journalist Jelena Jankovic, when asked about the newly-appointed Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Milan Radoicic.

Milan Radoicic was elected Vice-President of  Srpska Lista on Friday, after several months of statements by representatives of various state institutions proclaiming that they do not know who is. Now, can you tell us today who he is and in what capacity did this man negotiate with Haradinaj?

Djuric said for Insider: You are trying to play a kind of game and I do not approve it

Responding to further questions from Insider, Djuric accused journalists, „the kind of game I see you are trying to play and I do not approve it“, and stated that it is necessary that „we all support these Serbs and Srpska Lista.“ The Insider’s editorial board, in an editorial commentary titled „Who is Playing the Game?“, addressed the case of the painted train, the advisor to the Office headed by Marko Djuric – Misa Vacic, and as they said „an anthological video“ of Marko Djuric’s“ rapturous exclamation“ – „Serb Aca“, the mode of arrival of this high-ranking Serbian official to Kosovo before March, 26 and his communication with Insider journalists.


„I support Srpska Lista. I have a lot of confidence in them. They received over 90% of citizens’ votes in Kosovo and Metohija, so these people know what is best for them and who are the people who should represent them,“ Marko Djuric responded.

„I have full confidence in all of them, in our ten mayors, and Goran Rakic as the President of Srpska Lista, and they have my support both as a citizen and as the Director of the Kosovo office,“ Marko Djuric said in his response to Insider’s question as well.

This year in February, Marko Djuric also responded to questions about the influence and personality of the Vice-President of the Srpska Lista, back then one of the most prominent people in the North of Kosovo, as described by Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.  This is what it looked like, remind yourself in the video below:




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