Man arrested in Leposavic on suspicion of grand larceny, not for involvement in Ivanovic’s assassination

Kosovska policija
Foto: KoSSev

Kosovo Police arrested a Serb male (M. M.) from Leposavic today over suspicion of „grand larceny“, KoSSev received confirmation from Kosovo Police spokesperson for the region north, Lieutenant Branislav Radovic. The warrant arrest was issued by Pristina justice authorities.

The Serb was detained around noon today in one of Leposavic’s facilities.

In the meantime, speculation has been rampant over whether the arrested person was the one the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office has been allegedly searching for in connection with the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic.

An unnamed source close to the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office, however, denied this evening for KoSSev that anyone was arrested today in connection with the assassination case. The source also confirmed that no arrests were made in recent months on the issue.

„There were no arrests in this regard (the case of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic), I am positive,“ the source close to Special Prosecutor’s office told KoSSev.

When asked if there was a possibility that one of the persons sought by the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the Ivanovic’s murder investigation was arrested for another crime, the source said that he does not know it and that he has no information about any arrests.

A Kosovo Police spokesperson Branislav Radovic also did not provide official confirmation of the suspect’s full identity. Radovic reiterated that based on the information provided to him from Pristina, the suspect, M. M, was “only wanted for grand larceny.“

He also added that he does not have any more details about the case.

Meanwhile, the Partija Kosovskih Srba (Kosovo Serb Party) from Leposavic lauded the Kosovo police arrest action, claiming that M.M. is „close“ to Srpska Lista, which is, in their words – „a political entity that gathers the strongest criminal clans in north of Kosovo, who are threatening and blackmailing Serbs in northern Kosovo on behalf of Srpska Lista and participating in criminal activities in the north.“

On the other hand, Srpska Lista has not yet reacted to these allegations.

After the arrest of three Serbs suspected of involvement in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic on November 23rd last year, Belgrade-based KRIK announced that the investigation was extended to Zvonko Veselinovic and Milan Mihailovic. An attorney of one of the suspects in the murder of Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic – Marko Rosic, Mahmut Halimi confirmed these allegations in an interview with KoSSev in late April. The Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office, however, never confirmed the identity of the person under investigation.

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