Kurti: Thaci-Vucic deal to topple the government, secret talks never stopped

Aljbin Kurti
Foto: KoSSev

Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti said that Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci have reached an agreement to topple the new Kosovo government. Kurti also said that „the land swap deal“ was a result of “two-years long mingling” between the two presidents, adding that the Serbian president had managed to trap himself.

At the request of the opposition, an extraordinary session of the Kosovo Parliament to discuss US relations, tariffs and Kurti took place in Pristina today afternoon. The Kosovo Prime Minister currently refuses to comply with the US request to unconditionally and immediately abolish 100% tariffs on goods from Serbia and BiH.

Speaking in parliament, Kurti said that „Kosovo and America will not ruin their relations because of the tariffs, but relations between Kosovo and Serbia cannot be regulated with just one tariff – as you claim.“

Revoking the tariffs without reciprocity would be a „historic mistake“ – he underlined.

„Keeping the 100% tariffs, without reciprocity, is an extreme position (…) and suddenly abolishing them – without introducing or mentioning reciprocity at all, is also an extreme position,“ the Kosovo Prime Minister warned.

On the other hand, according to Kurti, the actual aim was to topple the government and himself as prime minister.

„And to do so in the way that the one who made agreements on behalf of Kosovo in secret negotiations – that he will now be ready to present – will gain strength – not to start a dialogue, but to close any possibility of dialogue,“ Kurti emphasized.

Kurti is convinced that a deal is already in place between the two presidents, Hashim Thaci and Aleksandar Vucic, due to their never-ending secret talks and that it is clear that the abolition of tariffs is actually connected to attempts to end the dialogue.

“This is not about revoking the tariffs to start the dialogue, that is a lie. This is about revoking the tariffs to end the dialogue with an agreement prepared earlier. I am convinced that the two presidents have an agreement ready,” Kurti said.

„From two-years of long mingling on land swap – one bargain came out of it. Did you notice what the President of Serbia said: ‘Who should I talk to, with Kurti in Brussels or Thaci in Washington?’ In other words, he says that both international factors and Kosovo must ‘determine with whom (he should talk to)’. And to designate the latter for Washington, the former in Pristina must be broken, that’s simple. So the spine of this government must be broken, as the new prime minister, I should be broken and then one could say – ‘okay – the president won, get the agreement on the table and ready the champagne.“

Kurti claimed that Vucic has trapped himself with the approach to condition his public talks with Kosovo with the abolishments of the tax.

„When a 10% tax was introduced, and then a 100% tax two weeks later, it was not an obstacle to the dialogue on land swap, but the president of Serbia said he would not continue the dialogue if the taxes are not abolished. In the meantime, the secret negotiations continued. So the president of Serbia trapped himself, he set himself in a corner so that there would be no dialogue. However, there was an alternative route, which was a secret negotiation. The secret negotiations never stopped,” Kurti stressed.

The Prime Minister also criticized other leaders of political parties for “changing their stance on replacing the tariffs with reciprocity,” suggesting that they ask the people to vote in a referendum.



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