Kurti is far more worried about the „fascist militia“ in the North than international sanctions, says will be easy to convince the internationals about Serbia’s behavior

Kurti is more worried about the „fascist militia“ than about international sanctions. He says, foreigners are understanding more and more clearly, and it will be easy for him to convince them about Serbia’s behavior.

„I was elected by the people, not appointed by an ambassador,“ Albin Kurti said in an interview with KTV tonight, adding that he highly respects the American ambassador, even more than he does others.

The fact that two mayors from his party did not respond to the ambassador’s invitation to attend a meeting in Pristina on Monday, he sees as usual:

They couldn’t because it was working hours.

As two other mayors from the ranks of PDK did attend, Kurti says that „a party cannot be more important than the state“, because mayors work „without distinction“ for „all citizens“, even „especially for Serbs“ in the north, as they are still the majority there.

„The instruction I gave is for them to go not only to work in the building but also for their local cabinets to be multiethnic, multicultural, multi-religious, and multiparty. So, the parties cooperate with each other. None of them represent Vetëvendosje or the Democratic Party, but they should serve the Serbs. And I would say, especially Serbs, because they are still the majority in those municipalities.“

There was another reason for not going, which, Kurti estimates, were tensions in these municipalities, but does not mean that they will not respond in the future.

He even hopes that the Ambassador will soon visit them in their offices.

And their workplaces are municipal buildings, which on Friday were taken over by special units of the Kosovo Police and brought in mayors.

„They went to their workplace, and that does not mean that they will not be able to meet again with the American ambassador Hovenier, with whom we have a very good cooperation, and the European ambassador Szunjog. However, it was working hours and at those moments it was assessed that it was important to be at the workplace. I hope that these ambassadors will soon visit them there in those offices. So, the electoral process is known, the result is known, we cannot create parallel structures of Kosovo compared to parallel structures of Serbia. Therefore, the ambassadors should also visit these facilities, as they visit other municipalities. But, of course, if our mayors are invited by the ambassadors, they should go to them too. But, it was a special day, to go from Leposavic to Pristina, with all that crowd around… I believe that Mayor Lulzim Hetemi made the right decision to stay in the office that day. Likewise, when KFOR and NATO were attacked, when journalists were attacked, when the Kosovo Police was attacked, I believe he should have been there, not in Pristina“.

The fact that he found himself under a barrage of accusations and pressures from the international community does not diminish his belief that he will be the one to convince them „with the help“ of the media, but even without that, ambassadors will understand what Kurti portrays as harmful behavior by Serbia.

Because they already understand, he says.

„They understand more and more clearly and I will easily convince them if you help me more (about the behavior of Serbia). But, even if you do not help me, they will be convinced, because the Republic of Kosovo was built with the blood of martyrs and heroes. On the other hand, the Republic is constitutionally supported by law and institutions. I need to protect (defend) this people, because that’s why they brought me to this chair.“

He believes that the issue of the withdrawal of mayors is being used as an excuse for the „violence of Serbian chauvinists.“

Tensions are being stirred by those who „do not accept the 21st century and independent Kosovo“, and he described the protests as a „heap of Serbian chauvinism“.

„Regarding the municipal buildings, it can be said that there is a high level of danger. Meanwhile, there is nothing unusual for the other settlements in the north of Kosovo. This actually shows that the local people do not protest, that the people protest peacefully, but these protests are protests from above, not from below. They are staged and violent, they are not actually protests, they are a crowd of Serbian national-chauvinism, the extreme right that wants power and sovereignty, which would mean nothing less than subjugation and surrender of the democratic republic,“ he said.

Kurti argued that it has been proven that any tolerance towards „national chauvinist gangs“ and the extreme right would be interpreted as weakness.

„It has been proven that against national-chauvinist gangs, the extreme right, any generosity, any tolerance, any tolerant behavior, is misinterpreted as fear or weakness. Well, if the mayor hadn’t gone there, do you think they would have been grateful? They would say ‘they are scared’, they would say ‘look, they are weak’. The Republic of Kosovo is strong. There are no individuals…“

He is more worried about the presence of, as he has kept repeating since Monday, the „fascist militias“ in the North rather than potential for international sanctions.

Therefore, the action of special police units did not follow „out of desire, but out of obligation“ after the Serbs „called for violence“.

„As long as violent and criminal mobs are outside, as long as people under masks are coming, graffiti of a cross with four ‘S’ and ‘Z’ – Russian invasions of Ukraine are being written, as long as they are shouting for brotherhood of Serbs and Russians, as long as we have people who openly adore both Milosevic and Putin, of course that the special unit should be in the municipal building. It was irresponsible not to have that special unit, so we are obliged to do what we do during the action, where, after holding elections, accepting the process, recognizing the results, taking a very soft oath – without any triumphalism, the work begins where else, but in the official public buildings of the respective municipality“.

Finally, Kurti believes that he made the „best possible decision“ by sending mayors to the municipal buildings in the North on Friday, and that Kosovo „heard“ its allies when postponing the elections for the first time, as well as during the oath-taking.

Due to the „threats“ from Serbia with the military, the Government of Kosovo has therefore increased the budget, the Prime Minister of Kosovo confirmed this evening, although he adds that these actions of Serbia are not new to him.

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