Kurti and Osmani announce a coalition

Foto: Koha

Self-Determination leader (LVV), Albin Kurti and LDK’s prime minister candidate, Vjosa Osmani wrapped up their first meeting today where they discussed a coalition between the two parties. They announced a government with diminished composition, as well as that they will not be pursuing a coalition with Srpska Lista.

The representatives of the LVV and LDK parties, the two parties which won the highest number of votes in Sunday’s extraordinary parliamentary elections in Kosovo, met shortly after noon today.

Previously, Kurti announced that they would discuss the „beginning of a new government“ and that the LVV and LDK coalition would „keep the country out of harm’s way“.

After the meeting, Osmani said that she talked about principles with Kurti, adding that the details have not yet been discussed. They added that they felt it was not fair to announce the names of future cabinet members before the final results are released.

„We believe that the election results will be confirmed. We are waiting for the final results out of respect for the citizens, as well as the results of over 20,000 conditional votes,“ Kurti said, KTV reported.

The two leaders have not announced the name of the future prime minister. Kurti, however, said that they would lead together.

„We will lead together. We will not engage in political trade like the one you witnessed with the PAN coalition. We will be radically transparent,” Kurti announced.

In addition to having only 12 ministries, the future government will respect the 30% representation rate for both men and women.

Speaking about the position of the only Kosovo Serb parliamentary party – Srpska Lista in the future Kosovo government, Kurti and Osmani said that they would meet with other political entities before meeting with Srpska Lista.

„We will not pursue Srpska Lista without meeting with the Serbs outside of Srpska Lista,“ Kurti said.

„It is a constitutional obligation to have one minister from the Serbian community – if we have 12 ministries. We will respect the Constitution of Kosovo, but we will not pursue Srpska Lista without meeting with Serbs outside of Srpska Lista who have been wronged once again, with irregularities in the electoral process and violations confirmed by international observers. Therefore, we will talk to them first, with Serbs who recognize the Republic and the independence of our country, who are facing pressure from Belgrade,“ Kurti said, according to an N1 reporter from Pristina, Zana Cimili.

They announced additional meetings in the coming days.



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